Pimax return, case open in paypal

I just opened a case in paypal for my defectueus Pimax, gyroscope do not work.
Of course they answered me to post pictures and video.
I will try to make a video even if i should not.
We have a law in France which tell that you have a 7 days retractation right for gear sold at distance.
Of course they don’t respect this law because i should be able to send back the gear without asking pictures or blabla.
Last time i bought a 100 euros clock which was defectueus (it was on alliexpress) they ask me to send pictures and video and i did it. At the end they stole me and i lost 100 euros.

This time i will go to the french tribunal.

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I have found that perhaps it comes from the AMD VSR résolution.
It seems to work fine when VSR is not active.
I have to make more tests, i have no explanation about that.

How did this happen? Just open a paypal case and start PayPal-Buyer-Protection. Then go immediatly to ur credit institution and cancel there the paypal payment. U will have imediatly ur money back and don’t have to wait until paypal gives it back. Paypal will ofc freez the money on gearbests account and get the money back or else paypal would have lost money because u alrdy canceled the payment at ur credit institution. Then just keep the product (in ur case the pimax) until gearbest sends you a return form where they pay for the transportation back to them. Gearbest or Paypal can’t do anything to u with a lawer because u live in french so they would have to do it at a french tribunal which is on ur side because u habe 7 days retractation law in french.

There is no paypal with aliexpress.

It drives me crazy.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not. :rage:

I have to contact Pimax support.

The support knows this issue.
I’m not sure they will be able to fix it without an external tracking system which means that this version of pimax will always be wrong for simracing.

Hopefully the case open in paypal has been answered and they proposed to send back the pimax and get a full refund which is a good sign.
Now i face another issue, i planned to get a refund and buy another one, expecting that this one would not be defectueus.
I realise that they all suffer from this issue which is obvious when you play simracing.
Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

So i don’t know what to do.Get a refund and stop the VR experience because it means no sense to buy another one or keep this one and wait until perhaps they will found a solution?

I’ve opened my own case through Paypal to Gearbest. Finally got the headset to connect to Steam in Pimax mode, but no matter what IPD I set, screen always blurry. Yet when I move my head, things at the edge of the lenses is in focus. I cannot get the headset to work at all in Extended mode. Pictures sent.

I finally returned mine.
Sometimes i have regrets perhaps i should have asked for a partial refund and use this money in order to make some changes to the Pimax.
I had issue with the gyro, i think that racing game are pretty intensiv on it, and i’ve got very tired eyes due to bad focus.

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Hi, maybe it’s a blurry issue same as some users occured. You could request new lens from Pimax Support and replace them manually, please provide info as below to support@pimaxvr.com if refund was happened yet.

Order Number:
Forum ID(Optional):steeljockey
Full Name:
Shipping Address:
Postal Code:
Order QTY:
Serial Number of Pimax:

Below link for your perusal:

I got it the day before yesterday… I want to send it back and get my money back what do i have to do?

Open a case in gearbest or aliexpress and ask to send it back. If you paid with paypal it’s better to do it with paypal.

About the only thing you know about pimax is how to return one !

“The item is not in the same condition as when you received it.”

That was PayPal answer at my resolution center case opened against Gearbest for selling me other thing that a 4K panel headset.

I opened this case at PayPal and Gearbest ticketing page .
Gearbest pretend that they don\t understand and can\t write well English, so I gave up and tried to resolve the issue by PayPal.

I accused receiving the 2K variant of the headset since what I wanted was a 4K panel headset.

It seems that it doesn’t matter even for Paypal what YOU WANT to buy. You will always end up buying what THEY WANT to sell.