Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019

Dear Futurists,

We have a number of developments to update and share with you.

First of all, we have some good news about the new Pimax 8K X. The new panel of the second version arrives this week and will enter a new round function of testing. After the test, we will share with you the latest progress.

Also, we have implemented some improvements to the existing Pimax 5K+ & 8K products. Since the shipment began last year, the quality issues of Pimax 5K+ and 8K have always been our concern. We immediately began extensive analysis of returned device to both refine the manufacturing process and institute improvements. To that end we have some good news to share:

1. Packaging and Material updates :

  • a.Packaging: We found that some issues were caused during transport and developed a new packaging design that is much more resilient and passes a higher standard shock drop resistance test.

  • b.Fabric Headstrap: We have fine-tuned the existing strap to ensure a more comfortable wearing experience.

  • c.Mask bracket & Face cushion : We have implemented new design and more comfortable materials that are more likely to achieve the best viewing distance.

  • d.Nose pad: According to your requirements, we can increase the design of the nose pad to solve the light leakage and improve the wearing comfort.

2. Other Production and product improvements:

  • a.Cable Improvements : (This relates to the flickering pixel and “snow” effects some have experienced.) We have analyzed the cause which turned out to be mainly due to the proper effectiveness of the conductive shielding effect. We have found that some special cases (different computer configurations and environments) are the main causes of this issue, and we have asked supplier to enhance the shielding performance of the Cable. We rigorously screen and test the cables and closely monitor the factory assembly process to eliminate this issue.

  • b.Facecushion : We are optimizing the ergonomics of the face cushion and the new face cushion is more suitable for the face and more comfortable to wear;

  • c.Headphone jack improvements: We have improved the headphone jack with much higher soldering strength and it now passes a rigorous test where it can withstand more than 3,000 insertions and removals;

  • d.Housing issues : This issue was a low probability issue where the housing mating points on some of the assemblies contained microfractures that were due to the cooling and deburring process not the thickness of the plastic. We have implemented much more rigorous standards for the cooling and deburring process and are implementing further improvements on how the housings are mated;

  • e. Optical Detection: Now we have imported Automatic Optic Detection equipment for QA phase into the production line. The function of this equipment is to more accurately detect lens issues such as dead pixels and avoid manual detection of omissions.

3.Pimax Accessory Progress:

  • a. Pimax Controllers : The latest prototypes will arrive in July and we will announce the test results and progress after the test has completed. Special Note : Our plan is to manufacture the Sword and Sword Sense controller designs for many years. Because of this it is important these devices are more than competitive with other marketplace offerings. As always with Pimax we take into account feedback we see across the VR marketplace and we realize how important it is we get our Pimax controllers “right”.

  • b. Rigid Audio Headstrap : This has now entered the verification phase for ergonomics and the compatibility between built-in speaker and external speaker have been improved/adjusted.

  • c.Lighthouse 2.0 Base Stations : The base stations are currently in production and we plan to bundle the base station with the controllers due to shipping costs.

  • d.Hand Tracking Module : The company that produces the hand tracking module (Leap Motion) was unable to deliver as they were being purchased by ULtraHaptics. We are happy to report that UltraHaptics is restarting production of the module but this transition has taken some time. They have committed to maintaining and expanding the hand tracking ecosystem.

We have neglected you for quite some time due to the work on products , module s and accessories. We clearly have not share d with you enough information on the current company situation time ly manner and we apologize for the impact.

We are very excited about VR and our small (but growing) team couldn’t have gotten as far as we have without the help of Pimax backers and the VR community.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive over the years , we couldn’t have done it without you.

Yours sincerely,

Pimax Team


@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA My headphone port doesn’t work officially now. It was very fickle to start out with but now it’s a no go. I’m in the UK. What is the process for replacement? The velcro on my head strap doesn’t hold and I’m having to readjust often becaue it comes loose.

This is the type of communication we should be getting. If you can do this once a month it would eliminate a lot of the noise and bad publicity that comes out. I hope this is a new trend and not a one off.


Hi @robertr1, the old system has lots of delays about resolving issues. You can contact us via help desk, and we will gather all of this issue together and give you officially response.

Your ticket will be replied by tech support team in 24 business hours.

The link of help desk:


Thanks for the update.

But, as ever, we effectively have very little information on any dependable estimated delivery times to really see any of these deliverables in our hands.

This one actually confirms, together with the update on the controller design, that we likely won’t see the LH2.0 base stations being delivered to us in 2019. And guess what that means for the hand-tracking module and the stretchgoals… shipping costs… all-in-one delivery, waiting for the completion of the slowest development path…

I am going to check out for a while because I do no longer expect to see much happening in 2019 in terms of deliverires of all the outstanding deliverables & stretch goals.

By the time I get those deliverables I fear I might not be using my 8K anymore.


Yes the latest update has not given us anything that we didn’t already know . Absolutely not what I was hoping to hear .


I’m happy with this update!

One of the benefits of being small is that Pimax can continuously improve its designs - I hope all the fine tunings mean that the 8KX will be amazing!


I wonder whats up with the Eyetracking module and possible distortion corrections…


Your update is really welcome although hot summer keeps me away from the Pimax atm.

I really hope that ultrahaptics does a way better job in getting leap motion into the market of VR. Given their management for marketing and products I’m skeptical, but surely they are a lot different to the leap motion ppl.

Given your update can you comment on how you gonna send us base stations and controllers combined with other stretch goals?

just a quick reminder on stretch goals:
1. free extra face cushion
2. free upgrade to head strap with earphones
3. free prescription frames and headset fans
4. wireless transmission coupon (will it be usable within reasonable time?)
5. free software, 3 pieces of selected content
6. free eye tracking


Can you put my 10 meter cable in that list ?

  • c.Mask bracket & Face cushion : We have implemented new design and more comfortable materials that are more likely to achieve the best viewing distance.
  • d.Nose pad: According to your requirements, we can increase the design of the nose pad to solve the light leakage and improve the wearing comfort.

@anon74848233 so people that have old sets will not have this refined headsets , its possible at least that pimax send the new mask bracket, face cushion, cable, and nose pad? i dont use my headset because its not comfortable to wear. i am waiting for the Rigid Audio Headstrap.


Thanks for the update. I received the same in the Kickstarter update too.

This means that we (backers who already received the device) will receive the updated components (e.g. new face cushion, head strap, nose pad, etc.) when they are ready, correct?


so stretch goals just kicked down the road again with not even an indication of likely delivery timescales. more hot air - let us know when you actually have something worth hearing.


Very excited for the Headstrap. The default one doesn’t work for me (the bottom of the headset is always proud or too loose). Thanks for the update.


I would like to buy Pimax 5k+.
Where can i buy revised version with new strap and cusion?

If i would buy now i’m going to receive old variant or revised?



Thanks for the update.
So what about those of us who did not pay for controllers, can you send us our base stations by themselves?


Update on the wireless adapter and eye tracking would be appreciated. I am assuming that theses are largely being developed by third party partners (since they are specialist technologies) and so should be being developed in parallel with the other accessories without compromising the progress of accessories that are being developed in house by Pimax (e.g. headstrap etc).


more of the same just wait still excuse given too late


Thank you for the update, when I crowdfunded I took a chance and while progress has been slow it has been made. We’ll get there :+1:


@mazi @Fomatter The exact mass production schedule of controllers depend on the test report of the latest version of prototype.