Pimax powerstation

What is this a joke?

Is that a giant Arduino Uno with a rtx video card plugged in?

What am I looking at?


Yeah that part is really weird. I’m guessing they just asked an artist to make a PC up and the artist had no idea what they were putting in, they just thought it was a normal motherboard or something.

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It’s pretty obviously just a quick render for the presentation. Maybe even an intentional easter egg.

The Pimax Powerstation is pretty clearly just a preconfigured gaming PC probably in some sort of small form factor case that Pimax will resell. I imagine that won’t be developed by Pimax themselves but will be a partnership with some SI to provide them with Pimax branding. They probably don’t have a picture of it because they don’t know what it’s actually going to look like yet.

still they end up looking like morons at best or scam artists at worst by using that pic.

It would have been easier just to take a picture of a random PC.

Why go to all of the trouble to scale up an Arduino? Who are they trying to fool?

I don’t think they’re trying to fool anyone. They probably just expected (apparently incorrectly) their audience to have a sense of humor.

Overall though, I think people get a little too worked up over the quality of Pimax’s presentations themselves and hanging on every last little detail. It’s obvious that these presentations are made on a low budget. They may be relying on hobbyist skills from some of their employees for whom producing this kind of thing is not their primary job they were hired for.

That suggests that Pimax focuses their money and resources on their engineering and R&D while running their marketing at minimal levels. I don’t really see that as a bad thing.

Or it could suggest that Pimax routinely glosses over little details and hopes that nobody notices them.

Unfortunately history would seem to prove this.

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Looks like we got their attention. Lol

They blurred it. :sob:

Yeah, that was a bit weird haha. Just put a generic PC picture there or something, or get someone to quickly do a PC case 3D render.

Yeah that blur makes it look like it’s too :fire: for television.