Pimax! Please read :)

There are so many knowledgeable people around the web! Who have all kinds of headsets setup with Wii controllers and head tracking…

All it would take was for you to reach out to a few of these people and send them a headset for free to let them hack away at them, on the basis they share setup guides on here.

This would take such a huge stress off yourselves from negative posts and owners wanting more.

Reach out to the VR enthusiasts out there and let them put some passion behind this.

It would create a lot more buz around the web and open up a lot more opportunities for this headset from stock…

If members here could recommend some people who have a history of past vr hacks to allow more features like software positional tracking etc

Would pimax agree to send them free headsets so they can make this 4k headset even better???

Get in touch with this guy!!!


I have messaged the creator of this video, Steve to ask if he would spend time making this headset even better regards more features!!

Pimax would you send a headset to him in return for him helping us all make our experience so much better!? :slight_smile:

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via leap motion or razer hydra
working perfect