Pimax partnership with Matts Digital

Does this mean no import duty in Europe and a more local repair centre??? Hoping so.
Good move Pimax.


“Also, MATTS DIGITAL will be able to provide after-sales service to its customers for PIMAX devices via its technical hotline system to offer advanced product hot-swap services for professional customers as well as all Pimax’s accessories and consumables.”



That Sounds great!
Could should will be part of the Now Event?


Maybe, seems like another Now! secret revealed :zipper_mouth_face::smile:


could be also bad news.
Virtuix Omi debacle started like this.
Distributors start to be onboarded, but they put their conditions (like exclusivity, or linking product to another one, or be served first).
An suddenly, product is no more available from Pimax, but only from distributor and prices skyrockets. Or even worse, product is tagged “professional” and not even available for purchase (unless you are willing to spend 10.000$ on a full arcade system).
a distributor specialised in AR/VR could see a good opportunity to sell to his customer a pimax that cost half the price of a StarVR for almost the same experience



Product no more available from Pimax - frequently the case with various of their deliverables

Prices skyrocket - the 8KX is priced at a whopping 1,300$

Damn ! Pimax have been taken over by a distributor !! :dizzy_face:


Doesnt help the rest of us poor schumcks that already gave pimax our money though. And matts are charging what looks like $300 for the privilege.

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It’s great that an European company distributes Pimax stuff, but there something that annoys me… They say about the hand tracking module “Available at Supplier”. It would be more honest to tell it’s not available yet.

Be careful, prices are duty free :wink:


Just let all of us get our headsets first. Then we can tell everyone we have a $10,000 headset. lol

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