Pimax: one big bluff

[21.10.2016 17:24:50] mahler491 Problem with blue Screen is solved: I bought another Graphic Card
Nvidia 1070. And the connection between Pimax mode and Steam game is working. But now I see all
the other Bugs. Most important problem is this absolut non acceptable sharpness with high bluring. I
even can’t read the speed of the car, tire pressure and other importent datas for racing in Pcars. All
informations are behind a unsharp and bluring view. Next problem is the middlepoint is changing
during the game. Then when I’ ve finished the game and restart later on it s not possible. Piservice is
unavailible. And you cannot close this window . It starts every second new. So I have to open the
Task Manager to close the backgrond files of Pimax: Piserver, pila uncher and piservice. With a normal
new start this fucking problem starts in the same manor. So I have to shut down the Computer
completely to start Pimax new. A really annoying shit. Once more: I bought a 4K Headset, but what I
got is a real bullshit. Sorry these hard words. Try yourself to drive Project cars. It’s impossible. My 10
years old Notebook has a much sharper Monitor than your so called 4K Headset. I bought extra the
new Nvidia Card , which is optimated for VR games. So tell me how to get a 4K view without this
horrible bluring, and we will be good friends. Otherwise tell me how I can get a refund of this
ridiculous product you offer.
And don’ tell in your Website anymore, Pimax works with AMD 290. This is absolutely wrong.

[21.10.2016 19:18:35] mahler491: Next huge Problem. After restarting the Computer and connecting
pimax with Stream VR, the headset is going wrong. That means in the Headset you can’t see
anything, it’ s just black. But Pimax says: All O.K. Steam VR :O.K. The light on top of the Headset is
green and don’t change to another color like blue or red. On the Monitor the game can be seen , but
not in the Headset. And now?

[22.10.2016 15:05:20] mahler491 My god: I told you more than 5 times that I had the last drivers.
The IPD 62 is exactly the measure between my eyes. If I try other numbers of the IPD it gets much
worster. And what a foolish Idea. How can I send you a photo, when the Headset don’ t show
anyting, when it is black. I have now one of the best VR Graphic Card NVIDIA 1070. But your
resolution is absolutly bullshit. Bluring and sharpness are only horrible. It’ s not a matter of the IPD or
anything else. Your idea of self adjusting lenses does not work . That‘ s the simple answer. It‘ s the
Problem of your Amateur engineers. You thought you can compete with the Big Players, but you
aren’t able to do this. A hundred of complaints in the web show the desaster of your Headset.After
one week with discussion with you, you was not able to give one useful answer. After studiing the
web I did not find one sincere test of your Headset.You speak of thousands buyers of your product,
who all are really happy with your headset. Thats one big bluff.
You are lying. In reallity you have sold about 200 of your headsets ( 2016/10/22 ) . Your main
Business is to calm down the people who are complaining about your headset.
If you really had built be the first 4K Headset worldwide, all Computer sites in the world would have
written about you. But their is nothing. In Youtube you mainly find your own Videos. All this is really
annoying. I repeat: Your product is one big bluff.

Once more: tell me the procedure to get my money back.

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Please contact our support Skype:support@pimaxvr.com We will help you to solve your problem if you need help.
And if you wanna refund it, please contact your agency to get your money back.
We are so sorry to make you a bad experience.

You said your manager was talking to Gearbest about who was responsible for return postage costs for those who had been sent one of a confirmed bad batch of PIMAX headsets with blurry lenses. What was the result? Is Gearbest cooperating on a special returns process or not?

I’m asking here because you guys have not responded to two attempts to clarify this issue by email and I don’t understand why because I’ve been nothing but patient and friendly.

Could you please provide a definitive answer so I know what I’m supposed to be doing?

YES, please need an answer to this. I lost 30$ USD shipping , then +30$USD shipping for return of the bad batch…

WHO IS GOING TO PAY MY 60$USD for a bad product? gearbest says I have to pay it, what kind of customer service is that…

Primax why not put a little more effort with your customers on here.

I’m a potential buyer and from reading, it seems your to busy selling them than helping… You should have a staff member from your engineering department posting on here.