Pimax officially makes 100,000 headsets in 7 years

Pimax announced official figures for the first time.

100,000 in 7 years, just under 300 a week on average.

if the average price of each headset sold was $750 then that’s $75,000,000 revenue.

That’s much lower than I expected actually, going by steam chart numbers. Where did they announce that? I guess they can make a lot more than 100k in the next 7 years if there were the customers for them.

You did bad research again. The 5k was the first HMD made by pi itself, so since 2018 :wink:

It’s near the bottom on the Portal kickstarter.

I think that’s a reasonable rough guess.

An average over their entire lifespan is probably misleading. It’s likely that the majority of their sales are more recent rather than when their company first started. In particular, I think Pimax has gotten most of their traction with the 8KX. So probably the majority of their sales are within the last 2-3 years. Making it more like 750 per week.

It’s also meaningful that they mention having 300 employees.

I actually thought Pimax was a smaller company with smaller presence when I initially bought my 8KX about a year ago. But Pimax has actually grown very substantially compared to its earlier history where so much of its bad reputation comes from.

This is fundamentally why I’ve argued that we should expect to see differences in behavior and results from Pimax versus how the company performed several years ago. And why I strongly discount using poor results from when the company only had a dozen or two employees to predict that they will continue to have the same results now when they have ~300. Past results aren’t the best predictor of future results when the company has become an order of magnitude larger than it was before.

That said, it doesn’t mean Pimax will necessarily get it right either. We’ve seen Meta dump thousands of engineers and billions of dollars on the metaverse, and they still can’t even get legs on their avatars. When a much smaller and more humble team at VRChat already accomplished all of that years ago.

Who did bad research? Pimax just celebrated 7 years. In 7 years they made just under 100,000 units.

Doesn’t change the fact that they’ve only been making HMDs for the market since 2018.

Btw, I’ve explained that to you more than once… :joy:

Jesus lol. Maybe say it to Pimax it was them who said it lol

Gotta defend Atmos here ha:


It is quite literally their wording. I guess they are referring to total orders not numbers they produced? But yeah they are just referring to the life of the company, not trying to be super specific.


But Atmos, which puts every little word on the gold scales, ohh yes. :joy: :rofl:

It’s just weird you seem to hold me more accountable than Pimax when I took the info direct from Pimax lol

Credit to the others in this thread that genuinely took an interest.

Well, you did the arithmetic. lol :beers:

I think it’s you putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5.

It’s not your math that is wrong, the numbers add up, however, you apparently wanted to present it in the most possible negative way. A classic example where the numbers add up but the reality is not what you expect is when I eat a cake in your presence and, on average, we each ate half of a cake.

By saying 300 per week it seems that during all 7 years 300 headsets were produced every week. The reality is certainly different, probably in the early years the number was close to zero, and in the last year this number may be higher by an order of magnitude.


What? Average is now the new ‘most possible negative way’ ???

Isn’t it you seeing Atmos and reading my posts in the most possible negative way?

Isn’t it up to Pimax to show themselves in the most possible positive way?

Either way thanks for pointing out my maths are right.

I do hope Pimax release more numbers in the future, it was definitely interesting to get some insight. It also shows just how unrealiable the Steam hardware survey is if you try to extrapolate actual numbers from it (I’m guessing it’s relatively accurate for just percentages…well…except for the middle of this year where it was completely borked for a few months lol).

At least they sold more. The 2.5 and 4k are not in the bill.

Unless you expect to speak to a children’s audience, yes, but I don’t want to argue about that, because that would be just as childish

I don’t know you, I don’t visit this forum very often and when I do it’s only for reading PimaxUSA timeline, so I don’t have any bias against you

Pimax didn’t mention average production, indeed. Again, you didn’t say something untrue, you said something true for the purpose of presenting a fact in a more negative way than it is. If you want, I can tell you the story of the glass, which can be described as half full or as half empty. Your purpose was to leave the feeling that Pimax produces 300 headsets every week, this is false. We don’t know how many headsets it produces in a week, as today

Come on lol.

Do you see 100,000 over 7 years as good or bad?

It’s just a number, a number out of context is never good or bad. Plese, give me a context. Meta might have sold 100 million headsets, but losing $200 each headset sold, while Pimax might have sold 100 thousand headsets, but earning $200 each headset. Do we have this data? Give me this data and I will be able to answer your question.