[Pimax Official]We will keep going and make the gaming experience better than ever


Please make the kickstar experience much better than game experience.
This situation is really caos.
Because I really do not konw when I can get my 8k HMD which is my pledge at Kickstarter, even you have started shipping other buckers.

At some point, is it enough now? They know it now for sure through 1234 support requests and 4567 complaints here in the forum.


Wow, all the vr news articles are praising the pimax…are we in the matrix now? Incredible. One thing I noticed tho in the article, even he noticed the “latency”/wobbling effect in the 8k. He said it’s noticable especially to people who do vr all the time. So MRTV was right all along lol. Ok now I’m glad I chose the 5k+ :sweat_smile:


This is a recent post in this forum, it seems that the wobble effect on 8K is about old tracking firmware in the headset and you need to contact Pimax support to flash it, because of there no other way to update it yet.


3 weeks left in January. With some who may receive at their home first or 2nd week of Feb.

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I am not like you. You have already gotten HMD,havn’t you. I have to wait for it with wrong survey or spreadsheet as you know.

According last spreadsheet, pimax said they don’t have my information very well, so they can not ship my HMD. If situation is nothing changed, their words “ship in Jan.” has no meaning. So I just want to make sure this situation. I really need new spreadsheet. Maybe you can not understand.

Ship in Jan. Jan not over yet.

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  • car driving fast toward emmet
    -> helio: no need to move emmet, car hasn’t hit you yet, just pure speculation :sweat_smile:
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If the car is miles away no need to mive til you know it’s aiming for you. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

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car miles away <-> 3 weeks to send 5000 HMDs, no sure your comparison is valid :grin:

Last count someone said around 2700. Hence why you don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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Even if 2700 was the true number (I wouldn’t bet my hand on that) that’s still hell a lot of HMDs to send in 3 weeks.