[Pimax Official]Free Discussion of the replacement requests

Frankly speaking, we are a little confused about the replacement requests.

Our previous return policy was to exchange a new headset first for backers for the purpose of rendering better after-sale experience. But, unfortunately some backers were unable to be in touch after received new headset. Therefore, we lose 44 percent of headsets.

For reducing the risk on our side, we decided to change the policy that courier staff could pick up the faulty headsets while backers who requested for exchange of headsets could get a new one at once. However, the result was not satisfied that only 37.64% replacement requested backers choose to accept this special service and 53.12% accepted backers received their headsets so far.

After 3 weeks of hard communication and arrangement, only 19.99 percent of new headsets are reached to backers places.

Let’s start a big discussion, what’s the best after-sale service you have ever experienced and how does it work.

By the way,preorder backers can apply their requests via emailing preorder@pimaxvr.com for timely service


your first and still to this day in this forum stated “get replacement before sending back the issue headset” is very good.

first we waited a very very long time for our headsets. now we are really disappointed that such a lot of us have issues with the units. so your get replacement before approach was very soothing and the right thing to do.

Cancel that policy makes matter A LOT worse for us and your reputation. you have issues with your product and I mean a LOT of issues. if you don’t have proper support you will suffer even in short terms.

your forum moderator is telling us it is about 200 headsets that needed replacement. so even if your numbers, which I really doubt, are true… what are you going to do with these broken headsets? refurbish them and let the next backer return it with the same issues?

You will loose a lot more than 200 headsets in sales if you continue your behaviour. ppl are canceling their orders, people are talking everywhere about your bad support, your non communication.

you need good support and even if you loose some headsets THIS is the price and that price is much lower then what you are facing now if you continue this absurd support practice.

keep your word - keep your promises to your backers. WE are your Ambassadors, we are your salesmens. don’t let US down!

to get the whole rma service more organized - make it more professional. shorter response times, send people prepaid shipping tags via pdf for printing, do the whole organizing stuff behind the return. people do have lifes, people are frustrated about a bad product that has issues and then they have to do your work and organize the return, pay for it, ask for refunds? don’t do that! use common sense pimax!


@anon74848233 You’re looking in the wrong place. Work on ensuring the quality of your products is better rather than how to fix them after they are delivered (this is important also). What this shows me is a high percentage of issues.

You need to address the core issue which is the quality control of the product. You’ll never come out ahead trying to find the best support model if your volume of defects is too high.

You might want to bring in specialists and consultants experienced in reviewing your current process and giving recommendation to reduce your defect rate and general production and quality control process.

@PimaxUSA Just tagging you so guys can start address root cause issues rather than fallout.


Delivery of the replacement at the same time as arranged pickup of the faulty unit seems the most pragmatic approach. If that isn’t working then a prepaid label and confirmation of drop off could allow shipping of the replacement (cross shipping).


where easy way to get all headset back to pimax:

you have the serial number of the headset… you can block all the serial numbers in pitool and after that the scammer contact pimax and you can fix the issue to send the headset back.


44 % of what? It all looks very unclear when you operate with the percentages without giving the real numbers. It is hard to follow your second argument too:

People who do not want to return their headset after they received the replacement are basically stealing it, so it is no longer question whether it is acceptable (or comfortable), but how to apply the law.

For the rest who are honest and want their replacement ASAP, you can offer them to send them the new replacement right away and give them some time after they receive it to deliver the old one to you (similarly to what Amazon does) and at the same time pre-charge their credit card for the full price. If they do not send the old one back in time, commit the transaction. The same way the car rentals block the security deposit when you rent a car.


I think the Deposit hold idea is good for send replacement. Have with the replacement paid return label (with tracking). Once defective unit returned Deposit hold is released.


Awesome so in reverse if your bought & paid for item is lost in the mail your saying this is the price a consumer should be willing to accept.

Dishonest people ruined that. So a deposit hold is good middle ground.

& there is 0 risk to either party.

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If you convert 44% to a ppm as this is how things are figured for trends.

I got my replacement- while the ride was not totally slipstream it was fair - but I would opt in on either the pre charge creditcard option or
what I have stated before an
instant exchange - had that with a monitor once. Arranged a fixed date and time span, UPS arrived on that date and Time, opend the new box, gave me the new device and we placed the old monitor in the new box and it left with the same UPS car - all in about 10 minutes. No searching for cables, booklets and so on and it’s mustang replacement- good for both sides but might be expensive.


Paying a deposit is a good idea which is no risk on either side. It allows for both party to send the replacement and defective unit right away.

Best customer experience in my opinion is amazon. But they have the volume which lower the lost


Delivery of the replacement at the same time as arranged pickup of the faulty unit seems the most pragmatic approach.(this is a realy good option)

I still have the broken 5kplus after many months and many emails etc…
So please give me this option…


I would vote for deposit method.
Pick up method only increasing shipping cost. And the pick up guy can’t tell if there is really HMD pack inside the return box…

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Good thread, finally we can tall about this.

I was previously very disappointed that I had to send back my cracked 5k+ back first because of the sudden policy change, because it can be a long wait for me again. but i could understand the reason and I agree pimax has taken too much lost due to some dishonest backers, so i believe it’s the right thing pimax chosen to change the policy. So i have sent back my 5k+, your email has promised a fast replacement, so i thought that might be a good thing afterall.

Ok here comes the bad experience part.
Because im im new zealand, i am not getting a courier ticket instead i had to arrange courier myself, but it’s all good easy enough, but im unable to keep the cost below $50usd, it costed $63 usd to send it back. That’s all fine.

But, the disappointment and dissatisfaction is really what comes after that.

There is no further communicatiom after this.

• ive tried to ask pimax has my 5k+ has successfully being received, i checked my courier status its been recieved and signed for on 22nd febuary. I couldnt get a response from email.

• no more response from my support ticket either

• no response from forum

It’s like sinking a big rock to the bottom of the ocean.

I’ve enjoyed the 5k+ while i had it, but recently i am starting to think i might be better of selling it, if i get a replacement back, and the feeling that i might not even get it back.

So in saying this, i should also tell something about myself.

I am a chef, i have my own restaurant, i have been in hospitality industry for long time. I understand how frustrating it is when ppl are being extra demanding and fussy, so I do not do the same when im being served.
As a business owner i put myself in other ppls shoes alot, trying to understand how ppl feel, and ive learned to be extra forgiving when ppl make honest mistake.
But yet i cannot help myself to feel disappointed with the customer service and starting to question my investment in pimax. A rare case from me really a person not so easily disappointed.

Finally, i cannot tell you how to do it better but let you know what is it like to deal with it even for a mellow guy like me.

I guess all of this is summing up to 1 word,

It’s make or break.


My support ticket: SUPEN-842. I still haven’t sent my cracked pimax 8K, because I suspected that it would take a long time.

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@anon74848233 Y U do this?! :angry: @Sean.Huang

Why you offer this and that and your support system doesn’t even work?

I’m not going to write about any experience with the Pimax headset until you get the priorities right.

Edit. sorry about the toxicity, but @PimaxVR take care of your customers please, for example there has been one backer who has been spamming this forum just because you can’t deliver to him. Thats not good you know.

I hope everything changes when the U.S. E.U. offices are up and running.


Prepaid shipping tags via pdf for Printing to send somewere close were you live, say 2-10days for it to leave your home and you get a replacment would be ok for me. Maybe have Deposit as a chose to get it faster.

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I’d send the broken unit first if I were guaranteed to receive the replacement within MAX 3 weeks.


I sent a failed 5k+ back to Pimax today. Created support ticket yesterday. Overnight Pimax responded and told me that I need to return my unit first before a replacement would be sent, but support ticket also indicated that because the US warehouse has a surplus that the replacement would be sent quickly once received.

I was surprised that the address to send my defective unit to was in Florida instead of China and I was instructed to call it to Kevin’s attention in the support ticket. It was $18 to ship from my location to Florida and Pimax indicated that they would refund the shipping cost to me via paypal. Interestingly the refund was just processed to me as I was typing this post (shoutout to paypal app for Apple watch). So, in my particular case. In less than 24 hours I went from noticing the failure, to documenting it with video, to creating support ticket, to support ticket responded to, to unit being shipped via USPS, to having a paypal payment from Pimax to cover the shipping cost. So far REALLY GOOD JOB!

I would have preferred a deposit and immediate ship method, but in my particular use case my unit was not really usable. If I had a cracked housing or defect that was still usable in the interim a deposit would have been strongly preferred.

I think the whole deposit and replacement issue is mostly a function of scarcity around the devices and how long it takes them to be sent out and then received. Consumers are worried about going without their devices for 1 month, 2 months, longer? I know I am pretty bummed about my unit and I don’t know if I’m going to get my replacement next week or next month even. When the supply chains are well stocked, then warranty replacements won’t be as big a deal if they are turned around quickly. Couple that with improvements to supply-chain and QA, and this will blow over I believe. In the interim they are dealing with probably the most passionate VR enthusiasts that have been waiting for over a year for the only VR headset on the market with this feature set. We are naturally going to be the most impatient.


Why not just have them accept an agreement where if they don’t return the headset within say 60 days, they are charged the amount of the replacement headset?

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