[Pimax Official Activity]Sharing Your Gaming Experience With Pimax

This is a try of forum activity and will organize more in the future.

Sorry, this is the first try of forum activity. I’ve edited the post as you request.


Wow … so I haven’t received my 8K yet because I was skipped (backer no #24XX, but other 8K backer with # higher than me has received theirs) … and so I can’t join in this activity.

Just another slap in the face on top that I will just endure. It is ok…


Yeah, so even tho future activities have been hinted at… We will always be one down (possibly even more)… This will be the one that got away, so to speak.

Sucks to be one that stuck with the 8K (And then prevented from switching to 5K+ when we were told we could)


Here my experience thus far: nothing because i’m still waiting for my headset. Good to see you care so much.


why are u guys crying, it’s not like you’re gonna win! On another note, when I fart, my air purifier runs on high. It’s pretty consistent too.

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You’re right only one out of several thousand will win doesn’t mean pimax isn’t making yet another misstep announcing this before everyone has their headset.


Very nice ! Would have love to participate if my headset wasn’t stolen before delivery…

Now Pimax I can also suggest a BIG EVENT : Why would you just try to answer issues in less than two weeks ?

If you win, the prize will be a big thank !

Seriously, my headset disappeared on 19 january, and Support is silent since 13 February…


The signup implies we need to have basestations. If we’re playing without them, are we excluded?

Agreed and to make it worst it will be excluding backers whom have not received their headsets.

Then on top of this resources atm would be better utilized getting support caught up to date on tickets.


Tu n a toujours pas eu de news mince

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I have consistently advocated for more patience from the community and will continue to do so. I sympathize with the struggles of a small company because I have been there. But this one just feels like a slap in the face to those of us still waiting for a backer headset.

Personally, I wouldn’t stand a chance since I’m not much of a writer, but that’s not the point. I guess I could write more, but it wouldn’t add anything.


Please don’t do this to us @anon66707699 . We’re many backers who are yet to recieve the HMD. Doing this now will only add insult to injury and create more frustration with those who will miss this opportunity because of the delays.


Not only that. But besides not having recieved the headsets we also need the base stations that we can expect when? My patience was restored, knowing the wait for my 8K is almost over. Now it’s in jeopardy again, big time.


Be nice if i could play with it, SUPEN 2121

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Lighthouses are on Valve for not having things straight & screwing up availability. Headset csn be enjoyed without them or buying v1.0 if one really can’t stand to wait.


Amen :pray:

All true and common knowledge, but it doesn’t make this activity less stupid.


The parts that make this activity not good is not LH related.

  • Backers not all have headsets
  • Support is behind big time & could use the resources. This also makes owners if defective units not able participate.

If they can’t handle support tickets on headset; how are they going to handle Nvidia RMAs from pre order?


Indeed. Hope we can see this postponed, cause the basic thing wrong here is the timing.

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