[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation on the status of the 8K and we have prepared this report to provide some official information. You should know we are going to great efforts to produce the 8K as rapidly as possible and get them delivered to your door but our new quality procedures caused some additional delays in ramping up the quantity as fast as we would like.

As a result, we have added new personnel, both improved and streamlined our procedures.

Here is a sample of the steps we have taken:

1. We now have multiple Pimax QA engineers on site at our panel supplier location who are ensuring each panel is fully compliant and properly calibrated. This has already increased the percentage of compliant parts entering our factory and impacted the number of these devices that fully pass our more stringent QA system.

2. While we have carefully crafted this new delivery schedule it does not include any spare days that would act as a buffer and to achieve this delivery plan it will require problem free execution. Because this is a device we have already delivered in quantity we believe we will indeed hit the new milestones.

3. The team will update you much more regularly on the latest progress and we are highly confident we will be get all remaining 8K backers headsets shipped before March 8th, 2019.

Thank you once again for joining us on this journey to push the envelope of VR.

What follows is an illustration of the new procedure:

25th Feb 2019 Update
Supplier will ship panels to our factory today.

27th Feb 2019 Update

“Start producing module” achieved

4th Feb 2019 Update

“Sanity Testing before Shipping” achieved,relevant colleague are testing the headset in Shanghai

4th Feb 2019 Update

“Shipping to oversea warehouse” achieved,we will keep shipping 8K headset


Can you ensure that the headsets are shipped faster after completion (by plane freight)?


Thank you for the status update.
Meditation until spring comes.



Thank you for the status update.
Meditation until spring comes.


Cool graphic, how are 8ks korean edition sales going?

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So your answer below was a lie?

You stopped producing 8Ks again and you still have not resumed yet…

@anon74848233 how many 8Ks were you able to ship half a month ago, and how many still need to be built?


I’m not defending that they’re selling the 8K BE, but I assume not great given that the price currently is $1,237.65.

Sucks that you guys have to wait so long, good luck.

Hello! I have already PM the Taobao order number to you , please check, please reply in time, thank you, anxiously waiting…
你好! 我已经把淘宝单号PM给你了,请查收,请及时回复,谢谢,焦急等待中…

The 8K and 8K BE are exactly the same thing, they just make more money on the BE, that’s probably why regular 8k is delayed so much …

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It can’t be denied that it diverted parts and the story about the availability of panels keeps changing.

The new timeline looks more believable but nobody will be happy with the delays.

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so 5k are indeed faster when 8ks will only start to ship to the warehouses again in beginning of march

So there is a strong chance I’ll have my headset by the end of April then? Not the timeline I was hoping for but at least Pimax have come clean and I have a rough date.

Hey cool more useless information.

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A new story by Baron Münchhausen(Pimax)!! Slowly i can´t believe it anymore!!


Pimax 8K backers are the elite.
Again, I applaud the 1000+ who seem to silently wait contently.


It can be denied, the BE editions sent to and sold by the Korean retailer were engineering tests prior to the ramp up – headsets that would not have been adequate for traditional consumers. This was explained ages ago, but there’s been a lot of turn-over in the forums and splashy headlines remain splashy.

EDIT: https://community.openmr.ai/t/clarification-about-the-selling-of-korean-websites/12196


Maybe, I am just offering a counter argument. Shouldn’t BE units conform to higher quality standards and not be experimental?

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