Pimax not working properly

  I'm not sure how to describe the issue that I'm having. I've downloaded, installed and started the headset. I get no display in the headset itself, but turning the headset on causes my monitor to cycle through some kind of loop. Steam is running, but Steam VR does not recognise the HMD.
 I believe that I have connected everything in the correct manner.

I do it this way:

First, uninstall PiPlay that you have installed. After the uninstall you can delete the folders in the “program files” and “C:\Users\ xxx\AppData\Local\ Pimax”

Restart your PC

install the hardware.

Install the latest version of PiPlay - MEGA

Disconnect the internet
Disable the antivirus

Start the installation as “administrator”
Pimax led will start red, then green and finally blue.
install REVIVE, STEAM VR and Oculus software.

After all installed, I recommend BIGSCREEN or VIRTUAL DESKTOP to use with everything, including “non VR” games.
I prefer Virtual Desktop, though BIGSCREEN does not cost anything.

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Hi Baldy,

what you have described is the Pimax in Video mode.

there are 2 modes for the pimax to be in…
1 is video mode for watching movies
2. the other is Pimax mode for gaming.

as you want to play steam games in VR, the piplay software icon should be in the system tray, right click on it and choose pimax mode.

next launch steam and then ensure you have steamvr installed! if you dont install it from the store
top right of steam is the VR icon, click that and wait for steamvr to launch
once you get to the steamvr home screen you should see your steamvr games at the bottom of your steam library, just launch the game and enjoy.

All the best


Yes, but using Virtual Desktop or BIGSCREEN, he can completely abandon “video” mode and only use “Pimax” mode, even to watch 3D movies.

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@WalterDasTrevas I think you missed the point on his post. He said he does not know what is wrong and the fact he mentions steam and steamvr means he is not trying to watch movies… He is trying to play steam games. Lets get him working and at least explain the 2 methods of using the HMD before we confuse him more. Lets not forget we all were I the same boat trying to learn the intricacies of this HMD when we 1st got it

Well, I guess I did not pay attention, the text was not published correctly, it has a horizontal bar. For me, the text appears like this:

“I’m not sure how to describe the issue that I’m having. I’ve downloaded, installed and I believe that I have connected everything in the correct manner.” :smiley:

Its fine, the box he typed in I noticed scrolled to the right, so i read the whole thing :slight_smile:

Thanks @WalterDasTrevas @Enopho

@baldy It seemed that Piplay did not detect the helmet and circled with disconnecting and connecting.

  • Please let me know what’s the indicator led on the helmet.
  • Is your PC a desktop or laptop? If it’s a desktop, have you both plugged the hdmi cable of helmet and PC monitor cable to Discrete graphics ports?
  • Have you installed Piplay driver after disabled anti-virus software? If not, please disabled it and reinstall Piplay.
  • If you use Nvidia graphics card, please manually install it as per this post: http://community.openmr.ai/t/resolved-should-i-return-it/2463/6