Pimax needs to reconsider lens design to avoid failure

I am predicting more people will be considering selling their pledges and I expect the numbers to rise after the backer meetup this week. I think Pimax whilst are commendable in what they are trying to achieve, their lack of experience and past history with the 4K potentially fails them. They have had untold opportunities to correct mistakes with presentation to the public, but time and time again seem to fall along the wayside unfortunately (not only in how they are presenting their HMD but conversing with the people who supported them) . Case in point, the poor feedback from the recent event in Tokyo. During these times, backers and prospective buyers should be filled with confidence, not lots of negativity.

So…in light of this would it be more prudent for those not wishing to take the increased gamble now and hold on to their pledges, attempt to sell them then buy the Retail version further down the line when all these issues are fixed, if they are fixed?

Wonder what the going rate will be for an 8K next week


I would wait considering Ben at RoadToVR suggested in his Article that The Xtal is experiencing similar optic issues even at $5000+. Pimax is in the same track as StarVR One in considering Dynamic Distortion correction through eye tracking; now that StarVR has demoed this concept works well. I am sure that will be the path taken.

The 4k manufacturing issues were likely due to inexperience choosing a manufacturing firm.

More than last week :slight_smile:

It’ll be a buyers market in a week or two, probably.

Do you have a link? I must have missed that.

I’m not sure if it’s reasonable to think that if one company can get it to work, that Pimax then also must get it to work correctly.


As I bounce from YAY to NAY during this hectic roller coaster KS I am once again in the NAY camp after the Japan Meetup they sneaked in. 1 Base Station v1 and The Blu + Beat Saber. Again? really? Then after the event when they ‘again’ got meh feedback scrabble to email and say “please don’t say anything yet”

If it was me. Well I would hope that it is better than what has been described so far. I would keep it. But then again I would have written off the cost the moment I pledged and quite frankly couldn’t be arsed selling it.


Rob, if you are a backer, I would sell. Quickly. Others did it successfully here, I expect to see your offer here within few hours. Now may be the last chance for you to sell it, as you point out yourself. So let‘s see some action to follow up the words.

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Reading these forums is like watching a religious war about to start. There are the believers and the very vocal nonbelievers with some people along for the ride.

I get your sentiment, you either believe this project is going to deliver (largely) on being ultra high res, wide fov headset with steam 2.0 tracking or you don’t. There isn’t alot to be done now at this point to change the minds of people like this. I’d never advocate people burying their heads on the sand or not looking at the world skeptically, but theres no amount of persuasion that will change your perception until the headset is released. So if you’ve lost faith, then sell and stop making us miserable with your craziness. Theres a difference between disseminating information and spreading hysteria and discontent.

Being a Kickstarter backer is not the same as preordering. It means you are an investor In a company. Sometimes companies dont always achieve all their goals, and sometimes they exceede them.


While not a 100% on what issues specificly. He states StarVR is ahead of both on.

It does say the visual clarity is better though on the Xtal compared to StarVR but is to be expected.

As for can pimax implement Dynamic Distortion using eye tracking? I think they can as they would be having help with Aglass. But only time will tell.

As for software releases; it’s becoming more common as one can fix it later. Look at Microsoft whom has released apology complete OS. Win2000 became XP, Vista to Win7, Win8 to Win10 & of course the creators update tgat broke much.

Games that release apology content ie EA. Etc…

At one time it had to be right on release due to limitations on getting customers to receive fixes. Now it’s a download.


Yeah, remember the dial-up days when patches felt more like blankets - and you hoped no one would call the house, breaking your sweet 14.4k connection!

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To me it seems pimax needs to hire a Software Quality Manager. They have a manufacturing firm which will take care of quality making & assembling the headset of which I am certain they learned a lot in choosing a manufacturing firm based on quality issues from the 4k model.

Some updates the Testers have received seemed untested; while others were bang on.


I do hope you are joking and not simply playing mister troll.

Nope, I started and I will finish.

People here need to get a grip with their emotions. I am asking a simple question pertinent to what is occurring right now. I have as much right to ask these questions and present my opinions without being called crazy, or accused of spreading hysteria and discontent. I am not asking for advice, I am wondering what other people’s sentiments are considering we have had three sellers posting today.


Rob just ignore the automated responses from the 5 geriatrics dominating this forum

You could easily sell your pledge using paypall however you might be better off trying the headset first then selling it to an unsuspected buyer on you local auction site. The only risk being if it arrives with issues. Dead pixels, damaged lenses etc

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Okay but have you considered he might like talking to you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Optics are not an easy solve at high field of view, we need to give Pimax a chance. There is a link on the forum to the DIY infiniteye page via the portal dual DIY HMD page that I posted.

For those who don’t know infiniteye is the team that is now, Star VR. Just using 2 stacked fresnels per eye they had remarkable results considering that they had zero software correction, except for a method to synchronize the panels.

I wish the NDA was not around so that the community could have the confidence they need. Personally, based on what I know of @SweViver and @mixedrealityTV from watching their content, they would tell us if the device was a lemon full stop, NDA or not. (not to imply that they would violate NDA.)

From what I gather Martin (if I may presume to call you that @SweViver) has spent hundreds of hours testing the M1 for software comparability. One would not spend so much time on a lemon.


Meanwhile, I look forward to play on the final 8K with 2080Ti when it arrives. We are all so different :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s a lemon. Yet every person is different, what @sweviver likes is not necessarily anyone’s other’s opinion. I did gather he was the most positive tester from the bunch. One other tester hated the device so much that he just stopped testing it… The truth probably is somewhere in the middle. Then again, in this case there probably is not a single ‘truth’ but just subjective opinions.


Or not. My goal is also to have a 2080Ti for my 8K. I also bought Dirt Rally, based on your VR video. I think it will be fun, but I’m waiting for VR, to try it.

I’m mostly looking forward to playing Elite Dangerous on the 8K, though, so we’re a bit different on that point.


The truth will show once you try the headset on your own, without listening to other’s complains. Its all very subjective indeed. I can only speak for myself right now. Its going to be very interesting to talk to you all in Berlin.