Pimax needs to do whatever Sony is doing with the Dual Sense

It’s really the only logical progression forward.


What Pimax “NEEDS” to do is finish what they have been working on for the last three years and stop chasing other companies ideas.(gimmicks)

Then they need to support that product completely , repairing the damage done so far to their brand.

Pimax could release the most copycat future looking tech into their controllers right now and nobody would give a shiit because it’s Pimax and we still don’t even have basic trackpad controllers yet.

Knowing Pmax they probably saw DecaGears mouth tracking and have an addon module planned right now.(shakes head)


Yep. First Pimax needs to fix their bottom usb socket disaster asap. The fact that they can not offer a usb3 using firmware and talking about a soon to released usb2.0 120hz eyetracking fix is not a good sign. I unmounted the hand motion module immediately because of the slow tracking. I suspect the used interface speed to be the culprit there, too.

It‘s a shame that pimax has so many good ideas but their execution is sometimes so flawed. Annoying.

they need to work on their shipping services and customer service, the fact that a normal consumer like me has to wait and is still waiting 5 weeks for a rma and all they say is wait patiently.

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