Pimax names now and future

It seems the 8K fails at being that next version after the 4K in terms of SDE, meaning pixel count. If they develop a high resolution headset after this then what will they call the new version?

All these X and Plus additions start to become a bit confusing.

The Pimax 8K has a panel that is too large for the lens and is therefor on par with the 5K+.
And only truly used panel size should be part of the naming. Making the 8K technically non-existent.

Even the 8Kx would not really be 8K because not all of the panels can be seen. So a new version should be made with panels that can be completely seen by the lens and only then an actual 8K is made. But what name would that get? Also a Plus? Because it seems Pimax has painted itself into a corner with these naming conventions.

The 5K+ should be called the 5K.
The 5K should be called a 5K Budget.
The 8K should be called the 6K
The 8KX shoukd be called the 6KX

An 8K+ would be the first real 8K.
It doesn’t exist yet.
Which makes this interesting for the backers of 8K headsets.
I still want a true Pimax 8K because of the SDE.
I also think a Pimax 8K+ would actually look much better than the current 8K and be on par with the quality of the Pimax 4K.


I agree that Pimax has a big naming problem, but I don’t agree with your solutions.

I though on this for a while already and honestly, I would suggest to just drop the 5k and 8k for now, do not release them to consumers at all, not in their current form.

Just offer the 5k+, a single product will be far easier to market and even if the 5k is cheaper and 8k has a slight advantage in SDE, those IMO are not good enough reasons to split the market when 1 product is the best for almost everyone.
The 5k in particular has very little reason to exist, because anyone who can afford a PC to run it and is prepared to pay more to get better VR than on a Rift/Vive/WMR is also going to pay the $50 difference (my guess) to get the better version of 5k

When it comes to selling a product, choice is not always good.
There are even studies that show it can hurt sales.

If they absolutely must sell them, maybe name the 8k “Pimax Cinema”, so people know it is best for movies.
There is no reason to stick to the #k name pattern.


5K Lite would be a better name.


5k+ Elite Gaming Strix Duo Deluxe Edition version 2.


I think you need an “Extreme” or “Xtreme” in there somewhere…

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Absolutely agree they should drop everything except the 5K+.

Because the 8K is not 8K (upscale is irrelevant) I still want an 8K. And because that type of headset still needs to be made it now can’t be called 8K anymore because some failed res headset took the name


The 5K should be called the 5K-, the 8K should be called the 5.025K–


The 5K should be called “We tried”
The 5K+ should be called “still trying”
The 8K should be called “we haven’t given up”
The 8KX should be called “we are close”
And when the 8KX+++ comes out,"Fuck it we give up :slight_smile:

This it just a joke by the way, love both pimax and the HMD’s


Well the 8K is, like everyone including Pimax said, just using horizontal 8K panels at a reasonable resolution of 1440p. All for SDE, the 8Kx was an afterthought because it’s a relative simple modification of the 8K and some people wanted it.

Everyone bitching about the 8K not being real 8K just wasn’t paying attention.

Even if everyone in the whole world pays attention and understands exactly what 8k means in the context of Pimax, that still doesn’t mean that it is a good name.

If in the future they release a 7k horizontal 3k vertical screen with OLED, would you call it Pimax 7k? 7k ultra?

It just is not necessary and a completely different name could be better.

Pimax 7K Ti

Yea, the naming is so simple and messed up already. I’m amazed a company is capable of producing software and hardware that does all what it does and then fail at these basic things like developing a solid naming plan.

Marketing is super important but it seems bullshitting is seen as the way to do it

This is what happens when engineers have to do marketing, I guess :slight_smile:

I think that for the retail release, they don’t need to carry on the 5K/8K nomenclature, it could be damaging in the long run.

Maybe rename the models to something more fancy and enigmatic like Pimax Horizon, Pimax Obsidian or Pimax Obelisk, to increase brand sophistication. I don’t know, maybe I went too far with the choices, but it’s the naming concept what’s important to capture the imagination of the consumer. the Rift and Vive branding is a clear example, 5K/8K doesn’t capture anything, it’s not even descriptive accurate.

Also, maybe I would differentiate the models with different colors.


I’m going to call mine the “Pimax Unicorn Express” and no one can stop me. :innocent:


That Pimax Unicorn Express surely needs an RGB implementation in the chevron light :smiley:

I want a Pimax Ominous Limited with a breathing red light :stuck_out_tongue:



Now that would make an awesome headset!

May have to try and attempt to create that with my newly acquired Fusion 360 skills, then print it :slight_smile:
How many days would that take to print?!?!?!

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They shouldn’t use any numbers like 5K, 8K, etc. this just adds to the confusion. Hadn’t they named the 5k+ with another 5, then people would not complain so much.

Just give them any name. Dosn’t really matter. But stop this numbering…
They could for example change the Led-Colors for every version and call

the 5k -> Pimax Green
the 5k+ -> Pimax Red
the 8k -> Pimax Blue
the 8kx -> Pimax Magenta


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Pimax Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (aka 5K)
Pimax Woohoo!!! (aka 5K+)
Pimax Fook Up (aka 8K)
Pimax Hope (aka 8K+)

I don’t know why I’m joking about this, I’ve requested a Pimax Fook Up!

Just joking Pimax peeps. I love you and I believe :slight_smile:

Pimax Hope backer # 53


My understanding is that the LEDs are RGB and will eventually have color and animation control in PiTool. That rules them out for product differentiation, but mean Cylon eye animations should be possible.