Pimax Mystery box- Truly worthy or Not?

So, the Pimax mystery box is back to business recently the last mystery box is nearly about a month ago sold for 99$

This time they add one more accessory box and headset box

99$ Accessory box is like last time, but this time minus the least wanted 6m cable out of box , so guess that’s a good thing? eye tracking, base station, hand tracking, and Pimax long promise sword controller(as backer haven’t got one yet), seems good deal ,each one of them will cost like 150 bucks

links here: https://pim.ax/3GNAVRF

there is also an intersting $499 headset mystery box, thery put 8kx 8kp 5ks 5kp in the box, coustmer spend $499 give a random headset, it’s definitly is a bagain, especially for the choose defficulty, for the people really knows what they want,ehh…not so much. They are no bad one ,but compare everyone of them, i think people are willing to get 8kx and 5ks much much better, but still, $499 get a almost 1000$ ,headset, kind worthy i think.

links here: https://pim.ax/3E2reNF

so What does everybody think, worthy or not?


To help assess the value, it would be great if those who purchased the mystery last time around would just quickly post what they received.

And isn’t some discount or credit being granted for future purchases too, just like last time ?


Based on the last one…I wouldn’t be so sure.

i would feel a high rate of 5K+ being shipped to get rid of stock.

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i got a cable from the last one… even though i had a 5K+ i could not use…
Seemed to be what majority got, followed by hand tracking.

Edit: seems they listened and took out the cable this time in the chrismas accessory box…

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Ok, buying a random headset is perhaps a little extreme. Slightly less extreme than going to a car dealer or real estate agent, dropping some bags of money on the table and saying “surprise me”. But still.
Well, unless one wants a 5k+ or better anyways - not much to lose then.


For my education:

  1. Any KS backers receive their Sword controllers yet?
  2. Any Black Friday Mystery Box lottery players receive Sword Controllers?

See: PIMAX Mystery Boxes - now CES - vs. Kickstarter backers waiting for controllers

All talk about “mystery boxes” just brings to mind 3kliksphilip’s case unboxing millionaire series (possibly the best anti-gambling PSA ever produced. :P).

EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfwtcDG7LpxHG7kn0Bmu4fs-CFQpJcq4d

I ordered 1 and they forgot to add the order to my Account. Told the Support and the Support told me what they are going to send me🙈 not so mystery xD



“dear customer, your cable is in processing, we will send you a email when the order is sent”

you: “ehm, sorry, i want to cancel my order…”

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