Pimax M1 Tester unit

Hi everyone,
Like many of us for the past few weeks, i have been seeing many posts about who and why they should get a test unit and also what they was going to do with it .
First, i have to say that i was a bit upset about the fact that some will get test units and some no, but after few beers and a good thinking (the day after and with help from my wife) i realised that its a very good move from Pimax.
Best way to know if headset was ready to ship to backers and all (we all know the reasons).
But i didn’t come here for this.
What i think is that when backers receive the test units, after making a video or just a review if they do so, they should submit those to Pimax who will then decide when to post them.
This would avoid having public reviews all over youtube/internet/forums and also avoid misunderstandings.

thanks, peace :sunglasses::space_invader::+1:t4::wink:

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sound like “back in USSR” time. May be for China still relevant…

Call me Vlad if u fancy , just an idea to avoid future confusion with non backers.
Im more of a “Macron Style” BTW
Peace :fr::eyes:[quote=“slava_jazz, post:2, topic:5489”]
May be for China still relevant…
And please be nice with China :innocent:


I try not to be rude usually, but that sounds like a horrible idea.

If Pimax controls the reviews of their own product, people who need to know the true information will never receive it because Pimax would only release the good reviews.

If you were a company and were releasing a product and had the ability to ensure no bad reviews would be posted online about your product, why would you not use that ability.

This defeats the entire purpose of sending tester units to some backers because no matter what they say in their videos, Pimax would have the opportunity to edit the negative parts out or never post a review altogether.

Why should they be able to control all reviews of their product?


In that case backers could makes us aware of the fact that a review has been submited.
the idea of it is not to filter reviews to backers but to avoid videos and reviews to be posted over internet

No need to post things like that. No country that I am aware of doesn’t excervise controls of information.

The simple truth with being a tester there is what one might want to do & what procedures & policies one may need to agree to; to be a tester.

Only pimax knows at this point what criteria outside of the qualifications they have requested.

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Deleted by consensus

I find this utterly ironic.


:joy: :joy: are you writing from the moon?

Pretty straight forward. All countries & conpanies control info on some level.

I think he’s saying that for the little grey men. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

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I think your use of a double negative confused them.


Indeed it appears that way. Lol

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Well i think this topic might need to be closed…its just creating confusion :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my opinion, what Pimax and the backers need is people to reports on all eventual issues with headset while playing a suffisant amount of games and apps … for this group to be efficient, I don’t think we need Youtube reviews at all, do we ?

I guess, in that group, there should be technicians, but also some hardcore gamers with enough freetime to experience a suffisant amount of games (… and at least one oculus/revive user !)


I’m a hardcore gamer and have played, only in VR, for near 2 years, My current installed VR library is as follows:

Steam VR list:

Aerofly FS2
Dead Effect 2 VR
Dirt Rally
Doom 3 BFG Fully Possessed
Fallout 4 VR
Mount Wingsuit
No Limits 2 Rollercoaster
Project Cars 2
Serious Sam (all episodes)
Skyrim (original game with heavy graphics modding and Vorpx
Sports Bar VR
The Golf Cluv VR
The Talos Principle
The Thrill of the Fight

Oculus Home list

Island 359
A-Tech Cybernetic
Arizona Sushine
Lone Echo
In death
Robo Recall
The Climb

Independent Launcher list

Alien Isolation (Mother mod)
Il2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow (hooks to Steam VR)
DCS World (all maps and several aircraft types)
Elite Dangerous

If Pimax wants to send me a unit, I would be glad to run any of these that will run and tell it like it is. In any case I hope whoever tests will run some of these and speak to the readiness of the 8K and the performance numbers.
I have a gtx 1080ti and a gtx 980 for the exercise.


Coverage is a good thing. It has kept Pimax in the spotlight. I wouldn’t call what is mostly people trying it on reviews. Pimax has said what we will get represents the “retail” build. Their intent to do “roadshows” while external testers finally get their hands on it, as well, This tells me they want coverage because we are so close. If the current timeline isn’t bullshit, then they’re saying this is basically what we are going to have ready to ship several weeks after that point. If it isn’t and there are delay the reasons and the response will be the coverage. Either way there will be coverage you can bet.
I am unclear as to what “avoid misunderstanding” means

Very few games! Alone in steam vr I have 82 VR games and utilities (and I have not accepted anyone’s keys, at least for me)

And I have no VR headset, waiting (too much) for my Pimax 8K.

I have less games from oculus, because I’m waiting to see how it behaves Revive with the Pimax 8K.


Lol, no offense, but I think you have so many games because you don’t have a VR headset. Otherwise two or three games would have kept you busy for years.

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I finish them fast, I want to make sure I’ll have enough for a few days.

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