Pimax keeps connecting and disconnecting

Pimax 4k keeps connecting and disconnecting. This started happening after I upgraded to the latest software. I tried uninstalling, removing Java and the folders - reinstalled and still having the issue. I’ve also tried different USB ports.

I tested this on a different pc and it worked so know it’s not the headset.

My pc specs are i7 4790k, onboard graphics disabled, gtx 1080ti, 16gb Ram, Windows 10 Pro.

I would reccommend trying something like a 3rdparty uninstaller/registry cleaner as some things might not have uninstalled correctly.

Putting @Pimax-Support will also assist support in seeing your post quicker.

'Having the same issue. Mostly in flightsims . Randomly disconnects every 15-30 mins then reconnects but without any audio. Kind of ruins the fun… 6gb 1060gtx

Hi @Eueyj, have you closed any antivirus software when installing the Piplay? Did the Pimax 4K work well before updating to the latest Piplay? We are willing to help you with remote control. Please send the ID&password of Teamviewer13 to support@pimaxvr.com, Thank you.

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Worked it out, I was going through a displayport to HDMI - once I plugged directly into the HDMI port the problem went away.

Yeah that seems to be pretty common with hmd’s prefering native hdmi port.