Pimax in da house!

Will get to test it this weekend. NY, USA. Backer 3130 for 8k.

Delivered via UPS, no tracking received.


Waiting for your review and have a good day!


when is mine going to arrive,??

preordered 8K in 7th Jan 2019, said shipped by 18th feb…

now already 01/03/19

obviously they didnt meet their committment date

Nice! I got my 5k on Tuesday and I’ve got to say I’m fairly impressed with the headset.

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Mine should arrive later today. I still haven’t received a tracking number, but I signed up with UPS to get updates on every delivery. I’m backer # 31xx, so this is not a pre-order.

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Waiting for my loaner 8K too - backer #3266 here !

So you will appreciate that I’d be shocked if you got yours while some of us backers are still waiting for ours… (not that it would be unheard of)

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Pimax wont send out 8k loaners for 8kx people… to expensive for them that would be last on their list when they could get hard cash for them

Hi , I’m still waiting for mine. 5K+ backer #6788. Can you post where the Shipping originated from. Should be on the box. I want to track mine down but I have no information. UPS should have it on the sticker and i can call them to see if my address is on one of their shipping lists. Spreadsheet says it’s been shipping for 3 weeks now. Maybe post a pic of the shipping label but blank out your address and tracking number.
Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Mine was shipped from Latham, NY, United States and weighed 6.6 lbs. I signed up for UPS “My Choice” and got regular updates via email (which is why I can answer your question without the box).

I signed up for my choice as well but did not get any updates. Mine came from Albany, NY

Well I am also signed up for that, but have received nothing so far. Thank you.:slight_smile: