Pimax Homepage: The Pitool is temporarily unavailable, we will restore the driver as soon as possible

since many days/weeks your official homepage has broken link to pitool subpage


the right link is very easy to reach… only remove the last -1 and the link will work:

why your homepage has buggy link? and all new backers need to google the right download link?
@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA

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We pulled PiTool generally for non-technical reasons. New version is in testing and will become available soon.

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But that’s a NO GO
You have to have a supported driver package available at any given time.

Ppl that just receive the headset or have to start from scratch must not rely on 3rd party download packages or wait for several days whenever testing is finished…


Agreed, I actually got the download link from Reddit. That is nuts…

They need a version (last known good) there for new users asap.

Just use the link from the forum, you should reach the PiTool download page and use it.
Works for me any time (just tested).

[Edit] @mazi you are 100% correct. Nvidia are keeping a history of their drivers for your usage, new drivers can also introduce new bugs. Pimax should at least have 3 versions back available to users.


100% this…20 char limit

Just got my Pimax5k and see the Pitool unavailable. I see here a few versions listed in the forums.

Should I set up with:
Pitool 103R191]
Pitool v1.0.1.91 ]
a different version or wait till they put out a new version?