Pimax Frontier October 25th, 10am PDT

is this from your text script for the next event?

We are a small company.0000001 the size of xy. this does not justify anything that makes the customer dissatisfied.

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You forgot to mention :

  • low quality plastics that cracks after a few months
  • cable causing flickering
  • devices (hand tracking…) that don’t work with several 5k+ usb-c ports
  • your after sales services is crap, it takes months to get refund or a replacement unit (to be precise, it takes months to your guys to understand what’s wrong)
  • prescription adapters promised but never done, myopic people thank you

I’ve also heard you canceled the joystick controller version, this one made me laugh !
Want more ?
When will you understand that it is better to propose few quality products than 50 000 shltty quality devices and services ?
As I said, never trust in Pimax promises.

Basically every word you have there is false or highly misleading.

  1. prescription adapter provided twice (one version for headset use and one version for eye tracker) anyone can order prints for very little, 2) the devices work fine with the integrated usb and in fact we got the et up to 100Hz with integrated usb, HT runs 100% with integrated usb so that is just false, 3) years ago there were some batches of the original black housings that had issue and we helped that group, 4) cable flickering you refer is signal strength at 90hz, a very specific scenario that affects a small subset of people, we never promised 90hz on 8kx it was just a free update to push the limits, 5) joystick sense version features not supported yet by steamvr

Korgen it seems to be you that shouldn’t be trusted.


With all respect,but i had problems with pimax in the beginning too(cracked houses,bad support) But they have grown alot now,with far better support and products…

I like that they try to push the boundaries for vr,so i like to see what they will show or tell us 25 october…


small remark, not by steamvr but by pimax

are you kidding me ?

1 - the thing you called prescription adapter was a frame on which we can not put a lens. If your adapter was so good why would i piss off posting a stl on thingiverse. I made more for prescrition users here than you’ll ever do.

2 - tell me why the hell I couldn’t make HT working on my 5k+ ? And I wasn’t the only one with this problem. The reason is simple : HT module wasn’t compatible with the usb hub integrated in some 5k+. This issue was . This problem has been recognized by the after-sales service. The liar is YOU.

3 - Of course you had to help this “group”, you had no choice. You also promised 204 serie would be made with better plastics and would be crack proofed. Guess what ? My 204 5k+ has cracks !

4 - I’m talking about 5k+ and 8k cables, but maybe you forgot every problems occured few years ago. Don’t worry, consumers will remember them for you.

5 - Don’t make a promise you’re not sure you keep.

That’s easy to find who’s right, every proof can be found.
Everything you said is bull5hit, getting paid by pimax doesn’t give you the right to be a fcking mythomaniac.

Last time I had to deal with Pimax support was when I purchased HT module, that’s not so old. As I said it didn’t work with my 5k+ and it was still a pain in the @ss to get refund.
It’s been years I hear support improves, I’ve never experienced any improvement. Like St. Thomas I only believe in what I see.

Well, with 10 days left to go and how much the event’s being hyped up, what are everyone’s

Idealistic Hopes:

More Realistic Expectations:


For the event?

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HT works 100% with the integrated USB? Did the problem with the 5k+ USB being detected/configured as USB 1.1 get fixed then so that the HT would work? I didn’t see anyone on my thread follow up saying the issue had been fixed, so it would be great if it has now. Would love to get to use it without setting up some extension cords and a way to attach it to the headset.


Hopes: a new hmd with wireless capability, also wireless add on module for existing hmd’s.
Realistic: a new hmd.
Fears: that nothing interesting will be announced but i doubt that :slight_smile:

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I guess he’s talking about 8kx. I’m pretty sure they don’t care about 5k+ anymore (except for pitool updates because they have no choice).

The announcement is indeed a set of highly significant ones and in the event we will show the technical aspect details and more. Some of this we are saving for CES which should be amazing this year.


I hope The Pimax Experience will be discussed, IPD update? etc…

PE won’t be discussed at this one, this will be focused on specific items we’ve been working on a long time.


so lets hope a new great vr headset that we need…
But i have a feeling that only Varjo is coming with a new vr headset…

My guess is an 8KX with integrated hand- & eye-tracking. So nothing truly new as they are offering the same through optional modules today (yet in the case of the eye-tracking not reliably working). I read somewhere that Pimax claim to be offering a headset „generations further“ than the competition. In theory that case could be made: wide FoV, eye-tracking are still absent in most headsets; the native resolution is also ahead of them.
It‘s just that the implementation of these specs has its flaws with Pimax, and I wonder if offering such in an integrated manner will move the needle substantially. Sure, a truly working eye-tracking would be a welcome improvement, but unless we see some real breakthrough on the bridging towards the games to be able to apply DFR with substantial gains in performance, the big question remains, what good does it do at the end of the day.

I am curious what we will learn in the coming two weeks, but I hunch that some of the announcements have been made just to remain in the conversation. It is quite interesting to see that Oculus felt the need to counter the HTC and Varjo announcements/teasers with their prototype tweets though: would that have been done if they were going to announce any significantly improved headset two weeks later ? Don‘t think so. So it could boil down to just Varjo announcing a really interesting product in the coming weeks; what Pimax has to add remains to be seen, but I am not expecting anything overly exciting as pointed out above.

Prognosticating is not for you. :slight_smile:


Well, I don‘t mind to be proven wrong.

I just hope that if there is more progress than that in the new product, this will be properly QA‘d and works as intended when in the user‘s hands. I saw a shorter portion of the Next Generation podcast yesterday and they observed that Pimax seemingly is releasing a new headset every couple of months while not doing enough to remove the rough edges off their existing ones instead, and creating a confusing product portfolio along the way. In their eyes Pimax should rather focus on one entry level and one high end headset, and polish those until they work with less hassle for the users. While I don‘t necessarily agree on the only two products part, I share the sentiment that Pimax tend to focus too much in adding yet another shiny spec instead of getting the existing line-up up to par with the competition in terms of build-quality, ease of use, etc… To quote the podcast: it seems that every time a new display is released, Pimax grab it and release a new headset with that new display [while not fixing the existing issues on their line of headsets].

And it will be interesting to see if it is a true product release or just a future road map announcement, which may or may not come true; that then would in my book count more as an act to remain in the conversation than anything of true substance. Just like the Oculus tweets; at the end they don‘t mean much, just serve to distract, to take the wind out of the competitions‘ sails…


Well, if one were to speculate on the word: “frontier” being chosen for more than its: “cool-sounding” quality, its obvious signified implication would be the breaking of new ground, which in turn could be in the technological sense, as well as in the sense of further extended vision ranges.

New devices so far, ever since the 5k+, have all been another sourced display panel (+associated required logic, driver circuitry, and software support), being slapped into the exact same optical setup we’ve had since engineering on it was locked.

So if one were to E.g. imagine new lenses, and, contrary to the whole “breaking new grounds” thing (unless those lenses were to be quite something), them being first tried with an absolute miniumum further effort expended on other things; One could imagine the opposite situation this time around: Same displays and chipset as 8kX, but new lenses, that sacrifice the “large” FOV mode for slightly higher resolution with those same panels. :7 (…with such a sacrifice being guided by current bandwidth restrictions and viewport limitations.)

There would be nothing: “frontier” about that, though - quite the opposite. The rumored: “generations ahead” would imply major advances in every area. :7

I’ll say, though, that as much as I crave full human FOV, I think I’d want medial FOV to be filled out first, before adding more laterally (I.e: More stereo overlap, please). :7


I agree Pimax have a too big portfolio, only the Artisan and 8KX need to exist in the current lineup in my opinion.

But I understand Pimax strategy also to not polish existing headsets as this is becoming an highly competitive market so you have to move on quickly with innovative products to grab market shares. Instead of put big efforts to solve “small” issues (I think the big majority of the headsets works properly).

Moreover throughout the first “batch” of headsets I hope they have figured out what is important for us and then hopefully they will launch a perfect (or almost) headset.

Let’s see!

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