Pimax eye-tracking module from 7invensun


I will be interested on the pricing.
Their aGlass DK2 for the Vive is about $500 but is an old product.
I have this version.

The newer aSee version for the Vive is about $1600.

So what price will the Pimax version be?

wow, that’s really pricey

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There was another level which I think was about $10K.
Developers package.

It’s free for backers, so yeah, will be interesting to see how Pimax set its price as an addon.

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Don’t know how much Pimax will sell their eye-tracking to consumers… but this eye-tracking module will be free to us backers as per the Kickstarter stretch goals!!!

That’s right. I was thinking it was only $100 off.
Awesome :slight_smile:

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? Some one last year bought them for around $220

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This is huge news! I don’t know why no one’s talking about this…this could mean auto IPD adjustment like the Star vr, which will decrease distortions hopefully and ease the setup way more. Also…FOVEATED RENDERING! (Although the software part should come from Nvidia and valve so hope they pull through). And of course this’ll be massive in social vr games like vrchat for eye contact. When will this come out?

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Pimax USA said it was done (showing it off in their CES booth) but they said they are waiting for more content and uses for it. Auto IPD would be huge, they did not mention they were working on this so we need to request this!
They mentioned they think they might be ready to send eye tracking module out in a few months.

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From this statement I’d assume it is not for free for backers.

Its free for all backers once the $3,000,000 target was reached, which it was. Checkout the backer campaign here.



The IPD adjustment is manual, maybe it can recommend a setting but it won’t be able to move the lenses for you


Recommending would be fine