Pimax Experienmce 0.80 Beta Link

For those of you wondering where the downloads for this latest news is.

Hope you don’t mind Martin. @SweViver


After 3 years, the forum is still a bit confusing to me :rofl:



Had a brief look at the Desktop feature - nice. Query though, at the same PiTool Render Setting of 1, PE Desktop is not as clear as SteamVR Desktop.

Maybe a setting I have overlooked?

I like the scaling and placement you can do with it though as well as multi monitor appearance.

It would also seem as though PE has taken my previous RGB per eye alterations and used them as a basis for default settings in the new version. I checked the charts again but there seemed no need to reset the values. - Nice.

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Yep, we are looking into a way to add super sampling and Anti Aliasing to Virtual Desktop to make it look smoother and sharper.

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Actually, watching YT on it, it looks good scaled up to fill the 8K-X

Will continue looking at it. It’s coming along well though and thanks.


Thanks. Yeah. Also, I highly recommend using PiTool Render Quality of 1.5, even on the 8KX. Or especially on the 8KX :slight_smile:


Is it possible to get curved view of the desktop screen ?

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It is, but will require some work. We have other features we are working on currently, but we will keep your request for curved screens on our to-do list, for later.

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