PImax Experience with support for upscale mode

Until PE supports upscale mode, it can not be used as a proper launch tool. Half my active games are sports which need upscale mode.

@SweViver sorry for this post, but I thought this issue needs to be addressed at basic level.

Love the latest version, excepting for this one issue which does not allow me to use the PE

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Hi @Goosekr!

Sorry if Im lost here, but what do you mean with Upscale mode? The 8KX upscale mode switch is the only thing I can think of, and sure its there?

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Sorry I meant to apply to a profile of a game. I could not find native or upscale choice. If its there please point me.


Upscale/Native switch requires a reboot/restart of the Pimax headset. Same for refresh rate change.

We have not added these features to the profiles yet, because it requires some workarounds (for instance using batch files) that are basically:

  1. Switches Native->Upscale
  2. Then waits until HMD is ready
  3. The next problem is that PiTool automatically re-launches PE after reboot
  4. So that would require a force quit PE
  5. Attempt to launch the game externally from the batch file in VR.
  6. Now hopefully the game starts.

This does work. Sometimes. but its far from stable. Therefore we have not added this.

And same goes for refreshrates in profiles. Its just too unreliable to be used. Too much problems can occur when forcing refreshrate change upon game launch:

  • PiTool crashes
  • HMD never reboots (led stays red)
  • PiTool keeps trying re-launch PE after HMD reboot and prevents the batch from starting the game.
  • and a few more rare cases.

So for now, these 2 options will not be included in profiles.

Not until the PiTool team provides us with HMD firmwares that can switch refreshrate/render mode without a HMD reboot.


Not having tested PE as much as I should have yet, I think it should be possible to for users to state ‘prerequisites’.

So if your profile needs 60Hz, Native resolution, and PiTool has been set to something else, then a big red warning shows up telling the user to go to VirtualDesktop, change the appropriate settings, and restart HMD, after which Pimax Experience will have been restarted as well.


The refresh rate switch and native/upscale mode switch works all fine in PE already. Thats not the problem.
The problem is to do this upon a game-launch.


I get that, and my point is, doing so is probably not an essential feature at this time, as long as the user can be prevented from mistakenly launching with the wrong parameters.

Indeed. In my previous tests, this works basically 3 times out of 4. Which is not stable enough for public use.

I still have my hopes high that the team can manage to make the refresh rate/render mode to switch without the need of HMD reboot. That would change everything.

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In the meantime, you could put a flag in the profile that prevents the user from launching the game if it is not at right frequency and upscale mode.

I remember the frustration of launching a game that took two minutes to start just to find that you hadn’t activated parallel projection. Thanks to PE that time is over.


Thanks for the reply. That’s why I am unable to use PE as some of my regular games use upscale mode.its great for PP games

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That’s basically what I am suggesting, but I am not sure @SweViver gets it.

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That’s actually not a bad idea, let me put it on the list!


I Sweviver I just open a ticket because display problem in upscale mode. I make a question here sorry: the function “turn on off smart smoothing” it’s fantastic for assetto corsa.8kx but some times had problem and graphics (2080ti) so I turn it off… and about some minute I return on.and work. This function not need to reboot or restart steamvr so it’s possible to add a shortcut keyboard? Would be nice to turn on/off from game without go to pitool.