Pimax Experience 0.74

Have to say this is getting better and better. The included colour charts for dialing each eye is great - as someone who is accustomed to using them. Right Eye and Left were slightly different until dialed in and it made for an interesting change to the colour palate in Il2 especially as the sun passes over aircraft at varying angles.

Now realising also I can’t have the headset to pressed against my face as I loose clarity and the image blurs. I have to back off the tension on the MAS for a crisper image with a little IPD offset on my Right Eye.

It will be interesting to see what comes in future updates with IPD Dial in capabilities.

Thanks for the development of this useful utility.


I cannot download the beta .074 for because Armin’s website has no security, so Microsoft won’t even go to the website

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Nevermind I got it to install but I had to download it with Firefox then Microsoft still stopped so I Winnipeg it to a separate folder and then reopened it up in a folder and then it works fine. Weird though.

Yes, I was going to mention trying Firefox or Brave Browser. As for MS security, well it is designed for dummies so not to worry about it’s annoying complaints when trying to use software installers from ones own trusted sources. :+1:

The file isn’t even there anymore or the server is down, been like that for hours now.
Using Firefox…

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at crystalbldgsev.com Port 443

Using this path:



Links seemed to be working on my end with the files listed there by Martin

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Strange, tested with Edge, Firefox and Chrome, also made exception for the site, nothing :frowning:

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Everyone who has trouble accessing artarmin website, please pay attention to the redirect that you have received. So far, all reports show a website domain named crystal something. That is not the same as the artarmin domain.


There are so many websites where you can put those files…why struggling with that?

yeah, i know, just wanted to report it :slight_smile:

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