Pimax Crystal - status, updates and fixes

This is the most honest thing you have ever said on here.


I would chuckle, but I’m laughing too hard. :slight_smile:

Pun intended? :laughing:

This post is a gamechanger.


This looks sweet!

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after the 4th episode it will be exciting at some point. get ready. its cumming up

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Now 6 hours runtime with one battery sounds ok.


But is that still requiring the Fast Charge connection? If not then yes very good indeed.

Though still an improvement over what was. The question will be standalone and wireless runtime without the power tether.

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He just said “with the supplied hub” guess there are a few more mA coming through the cable.

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So likely still using a fast charge. Still promising progress.

There are Oculus Link cables with extra power charging port for longer playtime tethered. But the Quest is more of a Standalone design with pc tethering.

Like this one for the Quest.

Think something done firmware polishing also helps with the runtime.


Well, Seb was pretty rough on the 8KX.
He’s also still pointing out what is NOT yet working on the Crystal. So I sure wouldn’t call him a ‘publicist’ for Pimax. IMHO, he’s working hard at being fair.

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@Atmos Out of the thread or the forum? Don’t get my hopes up!


Tencent was kept alive due to VC. If they didn’t receive the money, they would have definitely folded.
VC’s and other invenstors are taking a risk, and the return is appopriate for that risk.
Some companies can’t survive without such initial and ongoing investments.
It’s up to the investors to decide if it’s worth the risk or not. Else, the company may deteriorate and fold.
Such a situation may prompt investors to invest more money, as now, they’re hooked line & sinker. Without investing even more money, may increase the risk further that they won’t get their investment back.

One could consider injection(and continued injection) of investor funding as a ‘bailout’, if, without it, the company may deteriorate or fold.

But I’m sure you know this.


The usual pattern is:

  • first video: OMG!! Game changer, a new era has begun.
  • at some stage, he will likely publish clips which start to tune down the first message, pointing out that he noticed this flaw, that shortcoming.
  • at the end, it may or may not be a headset he would even recommend buying, let alone still being better than the entire rest.

With the 8KX probably his relationship with Pimax also factored in, I was under the impression that it was a bit strained at the time. And the 8KX offers some real challenges for some users, it took me weeks to get the IPD dialed in (sort of) properly, it seemed he was struggling too.

Don‘t get me wrong, I like him, but I find it difficult to make purchasing decisions based on his coverage due to the oscillating emotional messages he often broadcasts during the first weeks or months of coverage on a new headset.

Be it a genuine enthusiasm at first, which then is tempered by a more critical second look, or a professional decision to first give very positive feedback emphasizing the good to invite the vendors to consider him as one of the first reviewers to get their products, followed up by a more balanced review at later stage to regain credibility. I suspect it‘s actually a mix of both…


Yeah, absolutely. We also have no idea if Pimx were about to fold though (although Atmos will pretend that he knows without a doubt). Tencent, when at the edge of folding, had a chat application that they had absolutely no idea of how to monetize which is a much worse position to be in than a company selling physical hardware at a larger margin. I would wager Pimax wasn’t about to fold.

Ultimately, I see investment as a positive for the projection of a company and seeing it as “selling out” is just fueled by wanting to hate pimax as I guarantee that standard isn’t applied to other companies (not saying that at you @Butters007 btw, I know you never said or suggested such).


Personally, I take all youtubers as entertainment and not buying advice. Except for Norm from Tested, I find him to be pretty on point.

  1. Media says Pimax has something nice, says anything nice. Your response: Terrible, shill!, not objective, must be paid etc,
  2. Media says Pimax has something bad/poor, says anything negative. Your response: Truth! End of Pimax!, Bug/Flaw Ruins the headset forever and cannot be fixed or improved.

Anyone whom has an interest in Pimax Stock google it.

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He is referring to Sebs initial reviews are often overly positive til he has a more in depth look and the ,wow" has worn off. Which is fair with Seb’s reviews; his later in depth reviews are more complete than his initial impression reviews.

Crystal overall is doing well despite the current caveats of the 35ppd lense lower.FoV then initially the advertised target. That And the requirement of draining the battery in pcvr tethered mode. The workaround is not bad but a solution like an adapter to eliminate the battery drain; like a drop in battery adapter would be ideal.

Kevin I may have missed it. But what are the specs for the new wFoV lenses for the Crystal?

vFov, hFoV and the ppd?