Pimax Client startup

How could I setup Pimax Client in oprder it starts directly being hide to the taskbar? I can’t found how to do it.

Please make sure you have toggled on “Automatic Start” and “Hide to Taskbar”

Hello, I have the same problem, it doesn t close automatically when windows start. I have to close with the x to go to the systray. Is there a way to do it? that s to say when windows starts, Pimax Client starts minimized in systray without push x to minimize it. Thanks (PS I have automatic start and hide to taskbar toggled but taskbar toggled just minimises when we close pimax client and not at start windows)

That was exactly my question. You’ve explained it better then I’ve done.

So to reply to @PimaxQuorra I already toggled on “Automatic Start” and “Hide to Taskbar”, but still have PimaxClient windows open at startup.


Regrettably, the hideup feature is not currently integrated into the startup process.
Will try to communicate this request to our software developers, ensuring that they are aware of the need for implementing this feature.

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