Pimax, can you please add an option to switch controllers in the next pitool version?

One of my vive wands’ touchpad don’t work properly, i have to press them really hard for it to work in a certain area. So i prefer to keep that to be my right controller for Echo Arena. But everytime i open pitool and my controllers, they decide by themselves RANDOMLY which one is left and which one is right. Even if i hold them up it’s always random. So i have to restart my pc and try again and pray again that this time it chooses the faulty one to be my right controller.

So can you please just add an option to switch the left and right controllers in pitool please? @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang

Maybe this helps Vive VR - How to swap controls from Left to Right hand? :: 5089: The Action RPG General Discussions

As far as I know SteamVR just assign relative to HMD.

If You hold the controller on the right side of the HMD and turn it on it becomes the right side controller.


hey - mpmo - OT but next time we meet in the arena i would love to know how you got pimax to run EA acceptably. Was totally unusable when I tried…

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I have had cases where SkyrimVR will just swap the controllers when it starts compared to what SteamVR has previously assigned. I also have a preference for my controllers and I have notice that whichever controller is on always gets assigned as the right one. So I always start the games where I need to follow this preference with the left controller off.


I always turn on the right controller first so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed it… :grin:

Yeah it seems to me that the 1st turned on is right, but I have not tested.

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In some games you need to do this in the game or the game might switch them. Skyrim does that a lot and I usually only start the left controller after I have loaded a save. The game can switch them even between the menu and when the save is loaded. This has always been the case for me in the past years.

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so first controller turned on is automatically the right one? hmm i’ll test this out today thanks

“If You hold the controller on the right side of the HMD and turn it on it becomes the right side controller.” i’ve tried this, this method works flawlessly with my vive, but barely works with the pimax.


wait irony, you have a pimax?? Never knew. What gpu and cpu do you have?

1080ti / i7 5820k / 16gb - but for most games i have found FPS to be too low to be usable for some reason and I tried EA once and it was horrible (10-20 fps IIRC) so gave up with that. FWIW I would probably wait for the pimax controllers to really use it since vive wand track pad is quite alien to EA. But that said, extra FOV in EA must be quite a game changer!

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Sounds to me like You’re using a very high supersampling value in SteamVR?

Try setting it to automatic in SteamVR globally.

Easy to fix touchpad click - YouTube

thanks - i will take a look but the particular app in question (echo arena) is oculus so I presume steam settings have no effect?

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Sorry. Missed that part.

In that case, only PiTool quality setting matter, unless it’s through ReVive.

Yeah I also tried turning the right controller on first, and then the left. But again they were switched…it’s random every time so annoying @PimaxUSA @SweViver

Hey irony what times do you get on echo arena? I’ll meet you and tell you what to do. Message me cause I found ways to make it playable