Pimax Black Friday Mystery Box

Knowing it was included; you made an informed decision to risk getting the mystery box. I could understand your perception if the possible contents was not disclosed.

However your simply expressing your opinion on how you feel due to what you received; which is fair.

So in fairness you should say “I feel that the mystery box was a scam for not giving people an option of Optic Cable or X item of similar value. For those whom do not have a headset able to use the Optic Cable”

@PimaxQuorra please have pimax put more care in promos like the mystery box as it was poor imho to not consider folks with original p2 series headsets that cannot utilize things like the optic cable.

I chose not to grab a mystery box due to the likelihood of receiving an Optic Cable, even though the higher possible items was tempting.

This is simply a case you chose to purchase the Mystery Box in spite of the Risk of getting a useless component. Imho pimax should have notified ppl of what was going to be sent with an option to change out if item was useless. As I do not believe 70% of pimax headsets sold to date are usb powered and even if was true not counting p1 series headsets a 1/3 is a very high number.


Hand Tracking is obviously number 2 for most received; but number 2. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


I would have liked something like you mentioned in the second half, it is a good idea.

And yea, i noticed the hand tracking was the 2nd received items. :grin:
(i would have actually enjoyed getting one of them)

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Believe whatever you wish. Sales require matching production capacity and most of our sales have occurred since the electronics were upgraded. We now have 3 plants. There was a time when capacity was far less but included some portions that were not highly automated.

Well if you would produce numbers much like pimax had during the KS of 30k P1 series headsets sold inatead of vague percentages it might be easier to believe. And having many years manufacturing and sales experience this is not a hard thing to do.

Either way a minimum of a 1/3 of p2 series headsets out there are 12v brick powered headsets. Which is a considerable amount of headsets out there.

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turns out the pimax kickstarter was a big ole Roulette wheel so you are a betting man after-all :wink:

My son has my 5k + I assume hand tracking will work with his headset. Thinking giving it to him for x mas


We are considering replacing cable for customers who cannot use them

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Yea, i was actually just getting on here now to let others know too.

It is a nice gesture.
(though for us on external powered cables, the cable is like really cheap compared to what we originally paid/got and it’s a shorter cable(it’s half the price too), but it’s still good to offer at least).


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For sure I am, but I’m more inclined to gamble on something that has already been demonstrated to have great potential such as what Pimax was trotting around the shows with in 2017 than most lotteries where you have something like 3 time more chance of dying than winning.
I’m sure the “crap-shoot” was well worth it for the 8KX winner and one could say at least they got something so I retract the word scam. It was an unfair comparison.


Out of curiosity:

  1. Any KS backers receive their Sword controllers yet?
  2. Any Black Friday Mystery Box lottery players receive Sword Controllers?

See: PIMAX Mystery Boxes - now CES - vs. Kickstarter backers waiting for controllers

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Nothing here yet either. Still seems only testers and youtubers(whom I believe were testers) have received.

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Latest: “some technical issues with this product are still being identified before shipping,thus it may really take some time”

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where did you hear this?

is the technical issue that they forgot the joystick and buttons? :sweat_smile:

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Support ticket. Something wrong with shipping since 2nd batch. So guessing the 3rd batch hasn’t shipped either.

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No updates since mid January, no replies, no shipment (was promised for “next week” back then).

Sword Controller still not working?
Or Pimax shutting down?

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Jan 29 official statement is most recent I see:

“Batch #3 is now going out as we continue to fulfill Swords in the following order: KS Backers, pre-orders and later orders.”

That does not appear to be truthful.

I am thinking batches are very small in size maybe 20 or less. Otherwise likely would have this fulfilled by now as they have had ample time since first batch shipped without the battery cert issue. So manufacturing wise they should have had ample stock piled while getting it sorted out.

With now being that they should have been able to offer direct sales by now.

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