Pimax B1A is 2.5 K or 5k?


Can any one clarify me Headset Pimax B1A is 2.5K resolution or 5K resolution?

If its the one with 100 fov it is 2.5k or qhd (one that can be purchased now).

The pimax 4k uhd is 2.5k upscaled to 4k uhd.

Still confusing…

When you say 2.5K it is for one eye or Total for 2 eyes? (Please do not mix with Pimax 4K)

If your not a kickstarter backer & are looking to purchase one of the 2 pimax headsets that is available for retail sale you have:

  1. Pimax 4k uhd with qhd input upscaled to 4k uhd.
  • Has 1 4k screen (LCD). (1920*2160 per eye)


  1. Pimax B1. Is Qhd Oled (1 screen like 4k) 25601440 (12801440 per eye)

The Pimax 5k is 2.5k/eye (2 screens clpl)

Thank you for your time Haliosurge

Now this is clear to me.

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Your welcome! Always glad to help where i can. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: