Pimax Artisan with Vive Pro strap


Where can I find it on a Vive OG?


Here it is. (From iFixit)


Perfect, thanks!

How long did that headstrap take to deliver for you, btw?

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I live in Korea and it takes about 2 weeks.


Ok, thanks for the info.

It’s been 16 days for me now but I guess it takes longer to Germany than to Korea.

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I have now in fact received all parts to assemble the strap and it’s extremely comfortable in combination with the Comfort Kit. Amazing!

I have yet to re-install my 5K+ on my PC but will update on the visual effect of the combination.

I‘m not sure about cable routing of the audio connection and the placement of the audio adapter on the VivePro strap (which arrived after 5 1/2 weeks).

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@mirage335 will be happy to hear that a 2nd person here has received tye Vive Pro strap. Be interesting to hear how much the MAS has borrowed from the design.

What sort of strap did you use for the top strap?



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Late to the party on this. But I didn’t have a SMAS when this was posted.

This is the first time I actually really looked at the Vive Pro Audio Strap and Damn!!

The SMAS is about as different from the Vive Pro Strap as Genshin Impact is from Zelda : BOTW.

I’m not complaining as I like the SMAS comfort and Genshin :slight_smile:

But Pimax design is clearly “more” than “paying homage” to Vive here.

Vive must be like…

“These guys first they promote their 8k/5k+ at tradeshows using our DAS now they steal our Pro design too”

EDIT . Pimax would have done well to copy the hinges for the headphones as well as the actually tilt in towards the ear.