Pimax and SteamVR problem

I have installed:
Windows 10 x64
GeForce GTX 1060
Driver: 373.06
PiPlay ver. 1.1.74_x64
FW ver.
Pimax Mode - Ok.
SteamVR setup - Ok.
VR Room setup - Ok and Ready.

When i start any game or Virtual Desktop i can see video mirror in my desktop
(and can see video in Display Mirror option)
But can not see any video in my Pimax (i see green led. not blue.


Problem solved.

HDMI cable connected to my Geforce GTX 1060 and Monitor - HDMI-to-HDMI
Pimax connected to HDMI in back side HDMI.
And i can not see video in headset. LED is Green.

DP cable connect to Geforce and Monitor HDMI. DP-to-HDMI
Pimax connected to HDMI in front side HDMI and to Monitor HDMI.
And i can see video in headset. LED is Red. And after open SteamVR led is blue.
All Ok. Virtual Desktop working ok in headset.

And important:
PC must boot after headset On.
If PC is On and see desktop - And then Headset click On - i will see green led and headset can not work in SteamVR.
Headset must be red led. After that your SteamVR can work correctly with headset.

But i still have blurry effect in center optics.
And i will try full refund from GearBest.