Pimax and Marketing Strategy 101

Know your Target Audience - VR Enthusiast.

Know what they want. - A solid product with little to no issues. Make sure no RMAs on Future Headsets. Settle all Current RMAs.

Engage Backers. - This community and your 5000+ backers are your greatest marketing asset.

Referral Discounts. - Once you’ve proven that the new batches don’t have issues issue referral discounts. Likely your greatest customer base is going to be ‘Positive Word of Mouth’. Average consumers who are looking through advertisements on headsets for Christmas are not your target, their budget for a headset is too little.

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I’m sure you guys already this. I just think the whole spam the internet with Pimax is kinda pointless, although good for anyone seeking to buy a 5K+ as this time just for the discount. Positive image change for a company is a slow and gradual process. Look how long it took even Microsoft in the Last 5 years to change their image.

I’m sure with the pricing of the 8KX the direction of the company is aimed at Enterprise and Enthusiast. I do think the 5K+ will be viable for the average consumer, if and only if the quality of the headsets improve aka no RMAs/Issues with hardware.


I don’t care much for the issues that can be fixed by software. Cracking housings sure, and misaligned manually screwed in displays are kinda weird but then we get software IPD.

I understand who Pimax is, how small they are and how they do tech development because of the Pimax 4K. I’m ok with this way of working really. The price however is not in coherence to this though. Unless their final product is pretty damn solid, a 1300 price tag is not justified imo.


That’s my point, resolve all the hardware issues.

This thread is more to do with Pimax’s marketing strategy. I just think the whole spam sites thing is either going to backfire or be pointless.


I think (know) that Pimax would be interested to hear our thoughts about the marketing and how to improve it. So let’s give them some good advices and thoughts.



Ok, first point:

No more Chinglish marketing texts. Get an English speaker to go over the texts. I cannot overstate the importance of this to look more professional. Cost effective fix. Low hanging fruit.


I agree. Any semi-experienced online buyer will detect a typical chinese marketing speech and will be turned off by it.


Personally I think the strategy is all WRONG.

As I pointed out the person who wants a Pimax aren’t the people doing Christmas shopping for VR. They’d buy a Quest.

It’s people who are super serious about VR and willing to spend over 500$ JUST FOR the headset and that’s just the low end model.


Check oculus or valve marketing: no phrases like “never ever blurry” or “darker than black itself”
Those are no-go.

Pimax should, in my opinion, concentrate on meet the claims they make. If it’s “compatible with oculus and valve” make it work so, not just partially.


They don’t need Slogans or any Marketing BS. Honestly the Headset can speak for itself and people will do the rest of the talking.

If they want marketing flex just come up with some dumb name for the Display and Lens tech like Apple.


That’s basically what I meant/ in the end the same thing - meet the marketing text. If its 8k 360 degrees fov with 6D audio make it work so.

Make a better headset or lower the expectations.

Of course they need, they’re a small and quite new company nobody heard about.


Slogans make you look tacky.


Especially If they don’t meet the expectations.

The current Mercedes-Benz slogan is “The best or nothing”

Thats probably the truth and they have earned that slogan.
Use that same slogan in connection with an unknown Chinese company and everyone will laugh.


I think if you want good advertising, do something that your supporters will all be happy with or make good on your promises and good news will spread naturally and for free…

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Exactly. Funnily enough we probably all own a Pimax Headset here.

Pimax is the red headed step child in VR news circles. Your companies past and present quality control issues, marketing missteps and lack of any meaningful communication has put a black eye on what could have been a breakout VR headset. Reddit already accuses Pimax owners of being shills…now you actually WANT us to become shills? Get out of here, there is no way I’ll be participating in this stunt.

You want actual ways to spread info about Pimax? Get some…WORKING…headsets into youtubers hands. Your new 8k+ and 8kX headsets are the perfect opportunity to start a positive dialogue about Pimax headsets. Dont neglect the youtube reviews as they are a huge part of marketing and can make huge strides in turning around a companies image.

Oh and actually send some documentation with the review units…Voodoo got an 8k+ in the mail with absolutely no warning or documentation to back it up and it reflected very poorly in his review video and made Pimax…once again…look completely ametuerish.


Why was my post moved? I did not post it here and dont want it here. I posted directly on what I feel about Matthew’s post and was directed at him. Dont move my post, others in that thread are commenting on how they feel about it, I was not off topic or rude.

Or are we not allowed dissent?

I moved it since that thread became off rails and your post would better fit in here. PM me if you want your post moved back.

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Why get working headsets into youtubers hands. I personally like Working Units that I don’t have to RMA and come with no defects like cracks or lens defects.

Also @zuiquan1 people are always going to think youtubers that review positively on a headset from Pimax got paid by Pimax.

If Pimax really delivers the hardware quality we wanted for YEARS. I honestly see nothing wrong in promoting them.

People are going to think everyone is shills anyways.


Push the wide FOV its what Pimax has and no one else.

“4k native resolution per eye” in the 8kx sell it big-time. No more SDE!

Expand on the provided facial foam. Softer foams at various thickness. Include 3 or more and advertise it.

Available Accessories push them at the best possible prices. Make bundles of various arrangements.

Software Software Software make a huge push and market a few or group of games that are optimized or work great on pimax. “You have not experienced VR till you played … on pimax!” Maybe develop an only on pimax experience,even pay IMAX for an exclusive. Also provide free games with purchased headsets.

Provide a complete package ASAP even if with lh 1.0 and wands. They are proven and work great. Anything is better then having the consumer figure it out.

The ball is in your court. You have a product that all reasonably priced competitors are shying away from and will be for the unforseen future. Run with it. Pay for some national advertisement. Stop relying on youtubers to be all your advertising, they will allways point out your faults as well so develop a great and positive add and push it.


I think a good improvement for marketing would be to meet your promises and not constantly break them (and communicate properly) . Most recent big one being this whole 3rd week of October and the ability to order from the website. The month is virtually over now, end of 4th week and we have to assume there are delays? Only official thing we see is some advertising program for the 5k??!? Is that pimax day 2?