Pimax 8KX testing progress December 20, 2019

There is really nothing to discuss. The Hmdq pulls what each headset requests to be rendered for FoV from OpenVR. So that is what is rendered.

Large is 162 wide.

It’s also why it’s unfortunate the fellow on Reddit whom bought the Xtal hasn’t gotten back to if he used the hmdq program.

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As the maximum fov. What you see can be smaller though.


Whatever it might be, barely anyone uses it. Not because of edge distortion, but because we dont have hardware that can run it. I must say I almost never use Large FOV. Because I hardly feel the difference anyway, and it tanks the performance, especially with PP enabled.


Same for the small bit of extra FoV not really needed. Though have heard SkyrimVR works well with it.

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Well Skyrim can do it, especially with FFR enabled. But yeah, it’s really not needed. The only time I feel the extra 20 degrees adds something is in racing simulators. Assetto Corsa races feels faster in Large FOV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and its one of the very few simulators that can handle 90fps with such resolution.


Here You go guys:


For reference: Standing up (I’m 1.80), at the center of the grid, I can count 26 rings in the Index, before I have to squint to resolve the delineation. Don’t know what the framing and focus of the photo is, nor the virtual-world height of the headset. :7

I tried 12288 for a little while, but really didn’t find the witchspace passage effect compelling enough to spend that much time in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all: I really wish everybody who persists in using the wrong definition of “sweet spot”, would cut it out, and take what Risa wrote to heart; We do not need the ambiguity, that keeps tripping up discussions with misunderstandings over and over again.


I don’t know about all the units you have been trying, but my p5k+ (no matter how close and well aligned my eye is to the lens (EDIT: …and we’re being told the 8k+ and 8kX have the same lenses)) had about the same per-eye cone of clear vision, and falloff rate of it, as my old Vive and Rift CV1 (in degrees - not percent or something like that), whereas with the Index, properly fitted (and it has a tiny sweet spot (by the proper definition), within which one must be for the desired result), I can easily read text almost all the way out to the edges, before it gets too blurry – unthinkable with the 5k+, whose rapidly degrading focus makes it so that you quickly loose a sense of 3D, just a few degrees out from the centre – an impression I see Pimax users describe again, and again.

…and this is very much evidenced by all the people who shove their lenses together, far closer than they should be for a correct projection (setting themselves up for tons of distortion), just to alleviate this matter (which is exacerbated by the canting of the lenses), just so that they can get the narrow bit of view straight ahead in focus in both eyes simultaneously.

The “pretty good” edge to edge clarity of the index’s lenses, is what really sets it apart.


Thanks. Interesting!

By the way, regarding that thread and video. Gotta love Norm for his statement. Made my day


@jojon somehow this tells me you are not wearing your Pimax correctly. I can read things clearly on the sides even beyond the binocular overlap (maybe 120-130 degrees out.

On the other hand, my Index is blurry at least the last 20 degrees around the frame, no matter how I adjust it. I can definitely say my old Samaung Odyssey have a larger “sweviver sweet spot”

We are all very different it seems.


You’re welcome… :wink:

It (hmdq by @risa2000) was announced here:

I don’t know what to say about that other than I was kinda disappointed that someone like him, on a show like theirs would say that about Pimax (I’m guessing we’re talking about the stretching/zoom-in of the image, right?)… :man_cartwheeling:

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We are all different, but you can rest assured I leave no stones unturned, when it comes to finding the sweet spot.

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It was initial meaning but when VR has evolved ppl starts name “sweetspot” area without visible blur.

You’re both right.


It’s strange how much people’s experiences differ. For me (on my 8K) the area that is in-focus is at least 80% of the distance to the outer edge. It must be related to face-shape or something like that. Honestly, I wonder if people haven’t got the headset fitted properly.

As for the “sweet spot” location, where the eye must be to have this wide area in focus, it seems to be very small within ~1 mm or less. Once my headset is in position, I rarely have to adjust it.


If this was 1 year ago, long before I was working for Pimax, I would probably lesson up Norm about the Pimax FOV in a video, dedicating a week for that video.

Today Im just laughing loud when I see so called Youtube VR experts to claim something like Norm did. It just proves a lot about his lack of experience and knowledge. Either that, or someone’s paying him enough to play stupid.

Either way. I doesn’t bother me at all. Its just funny. And painfully embarrassing at the same time.


Yeah, that’s probably a better way to handle it… :smiley:

It’s not like I’m crying myself to sleep over it. It’s more like I’m facepalming a lot… :crazy_face:


Not face shape as such. It’s all about the position of the eye relative to the lens; And the shape of one’s face absolutely makes it more or less difficult to get into that position, but that is the only way in which it has influence - more of an intermediary in the cause-effect chain, than the cause itself… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, the optical properties of one’s eye is a different matter. :7

I have been trying with just one eye, and looking through the lenses from every conceivable position and angle, and as I mentioned: There are many who report bad experiences with the headsets.

I envy you your experience.

Now: There is another factor to the matter or seeing clearly across the FOV, which the Pimaxes happen to share to a degree with the Rift CV1, and that is that the centre of the lenses being offset between the eyes, can give you the impression that the clear area is larger than it actually is, since one’s brain can “decide” to fuse the distance that seems clear to the left for the left eye, with the distance that seems clear to the right for the right eye, and take that sum as the width that is in focus, even though the focus fallof in the opposite direction for each eye is significantly shorter, causing really bad binocular disparity, where a seen feature is sharp in one eye, and blurry in the other.


What always hits me is… ehm, how to say this without upsetting anyone…

I’ve never had glasses. Never needed any. Only sunglasses of course. Many of them. I brake them often.
Anyway… Not a single pair of the sunglasses that Ive had gave me a distortion free peripheral view. Nor the original $250 Ray Bans and Oakleys or the cheap $3 Dolce Gabbana Thai copies. Some of them cut off a lot of the horizontal FOV. Some gave me a weird perspective, it didnt feel right. Others gave me weird reflections, optical illusions and even headache. Some of them were seriously distracting me when driving my car. Still today I feel uncomfortable driving with sun glasses.

Im just thinking. How come people can live with those glasses and be happy people, when any kind of distortion or abnormality in a VR headset is a disaster?

And another question would be… how come we rely on VR headset reviewers with glasses, while we never benchmark or evaluate their glasses in the first place?

Just some food for thoughts…


And without even talking about that Pimax headsets have more FoV that any glasses or sunglasses.
When wearing glasses in a Pimax, you get really annoyed by the glasses frames.


You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself. I think most people would trust the opinion of the guy who’s actually able to compare each headset over someone who hasn’t. We definitely appreciate you sharing the details of the 8KX!


Ur jelly about my Saints Row IV sunglasses.