Pimax 8KX price estimate? $999? $1399 with controllers and LHs?

I think Pimax needs to keep the HMD price under $1000 ($999) and the 8KX has the opportunity to really take off and be competitive with other hmd offerings. I would pay $1399 for base stations controllers and a 8KX though.

Can pimax shed comment on what the estimated price range might be for the headset alone? If it will be over $1000 US or at the $1000 US price point for the headset alone?
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$1299 for HMD only I think.

5K+ = (5K KS)*2 - $100 = $699
8K = (8K KS)*2 - $100 = $899
8KX = (8KX KS) * 2 - $100 = $1299?

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At such a high price they won’t sell many I guess…

They already said that 8KX is for enthusiasts.


Seeing as the 8Ks retail price is $899, and the price difference between the 8K and the 8KX in the Kickstarter was $200, the 8KX should cost $1099 ($200 more than the retail 8K price), or $1499/1599 bundled with controllers and LHs

8K KS Price - $499
8KX KS Price - $699

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There is an another equation.

5K+ = 5K KS + $300
8K = 5K + (8K KS - 5K KS)*2
8KX = 8K + (8KX KS - 8K KS)*2

The price difference between 5K KS and 8K KS was $100.

At that price ($1299) not nearly as many people will buy it. Much more potential for profitability in selling the 8KX for $1099 standalone.

Also 5k (non plus) was $399 on the KS. 5K Plus is $699 retail. 8K backers received a $100 coupon for downgrading to 5K+ during the KS, so KS 5K+ was valued at $699.

That means 5K+ is being sold at the same price retail as the 5K+ KS.
So the 8KX really should be sold with the same price difference between the 8KX and the 8K kickstarter prices, $200 difference in price at $999 or $1099 retail max.

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Pimax upgraded 5K to 5K+ for free.
5K KS backers did not pay any more for that and $100 is just a difference between 8K KS and 5K KS.

There is no 5K normal version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

8KX will be offered initially to us at $899 HMD only (current owners and kickstarter backers) before hitting retail to the general public would be my guess but who know how much it will go up after that. Maybe even cheaper with a trade-in program like they have for their 4K HMD right now.

the problem is there is not LH and trackers available now, so the price is unknow.
the actual HTC Vives LH basestation is sold for about 150$ for v1.0 and 200$ for the v2.0. Some people on internet said the cost to build is around 50-60$ (but they are made in USA, so the price could be lowered by producing in China).
add the trackers that are not cheap either and you go around minimum 450$ for a pair (2 LH+ 2 trackers).
I imagine they can make a nice price by offering the full set with the helmet (let’s say 300$ for the pair +900$ for the helmet), but you will be still well over 1000$.
actually, it is cheaper to buy an old Vives with LH+trackers on ebay (ou can find them under 500$) and eventually sell back the helmet alone for 150$, that sets you for a LH+trackers at 350$. With a bit of luck, the vives will come with the DAS , you can transfer to the pimax and it give you back an additional value of 100$. That’s what i have done. and i am VERY happy with, until i receive the ones from the kickstarter.
The good news is also you can take advantage of the Trade program of pimax and get a 150$ rebate on a second helmet (a 8 kX if you already own the 5k+) by sending them the useless Vives that came with the kit.

Why are we speculating on the price of a headset that won’t be out until the end of the year at the earliest?

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Because we are enthusiasts, are bored and it’s fun/passes the time. It also allows Pimax to perhaps get an insight into expectations and by the end of the year I am sure their cost of production should be much lower/more efficient then if they were to release the 8Kx today.


I’m interested why the 8K-X would need to cost so much more? It’s essentially the same HMD without the scalar

Different displays and possibly better lenses. Lastly, they have to charge more to distance it as a premium option. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be a whole lot more if they get very efficient production and pricing from panel manufacturer etc.

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and the simple fact you cannot purchase an equivalent device today at reasonable price make its value.
if tomorrow Oculus or HTC propose the same kind of specs this would change the game.

I’d pay 1299€/$ for the 8kx bundled with the controllers if the performance was there and if the software worked as it should.


Considering the DAS will be included in the bundle, the 8KX standalone could be as high as $1299 (KS 8KX Price * 2 - $100), plus 500 for controllers and LHs (300 confirmed as a deposit, so more like 400-500), and an extra 100 for the DAS, we could see a price as high as $1799 or $1899 for the whole bundle :confused:

If Pimax decides to sell 8KX for 8K retail + $200 extra ($1099) the same markup between the 8K and the 8KX Kickstarter prices, then the bundle could be as low as $1599-1699 with the DAS, controllers and LHs.

Although i really like the 8k for now i think it will become useless as a product when the 8kx arrives. The 8kx would be a bestseller if @PimaxVR canceled the 8k by then and keep the 8kx in the same pricerange or just a litttle higher.


I think that current 5K+ and 8K are just overpriced. My impression is that when the price was decided, it was taking the (more overpriced) Vive Pro as reference. Since then, new headsets (Reverb, Quest, Odyssey+, RiftS, even the expensive Index) makes that current prices for a headset with no controlers, no base stations, no audio strap, no etc… is too much (+ all software & quality issues). In Spain I have seen several people selling their 5K+ for around 450-500€, which I think is a more realistic /maximum price.

Why I said this? Because in my opinion, the 8K-X should not take the price of 5K+ and 8K as reference. It should be an opportunity / excuse for Pimax to reset the prices of all their headsets to a value aligned with the real quality of their products and how people see Pimax as company (which is currently very bad). They clearly cannot ask the same price as if the same headset was made by Oculus, HTC or Valve (also quality is not the same, only the official specs are better). They need to accept this.

For me, the Index is the new reference in the high-end quality headsets. Pimax should not be much more expensive except if they can provide a product with a similar quality (not only better in FOV & resolution). Who will buy a Pimax product if all package cost for example 1400$?