Pimax 8kx & Nvidia driver versions - right eye screen tear/flashing

I have Pimax 8kx, 2076 serial version, with a debug firmware V2.1.255.2001 (provided by Pimax support) running in 90Hz mode, PiTool 277. I am on ASUS TUF OC 3090 with the fiber-optic cable from Pimax.

A while back I noticed that my right eye has like a screen tear (only the right eye), like part of the screen out of sync, flashing, when I move my head and also when at the Pi home screen.

First, I thought it’s the issue with the headset LCD, as an experiment I decided to rollback my nvidia drivers to (5.11.23 Feb/22) and do a fresh install of video drivers.

THAT COMPLETELY solved the problem. Any nvidia driver version after that introduces the problem again. :-/

I have 4090 2 days away, and need to upgrade to the lastest nvidia driver in preparation to the new video card, and the artifacting in th eirght eye is back. It’s to the point where it makes playing sims unplayable. Not sure if having the 4090 will make this go away.

QUESTION: is there a list of officially supported nvidia driver versions with a particular verion of PiTool and/or firmware versions?

I will log a ticket with Pimax support, but just I am wondering if this is a known issue.

Thank you!

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So I upgraded to Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC card, not only my fiber optic cable stopped working, but the flashing is back in the right eye. I am on the original copper cable.

I downgraded to firmware 2001, nothing helps.
VIDEO: Pimax 8KX 2076SN Right LCD/eye flashing - YouTube

Fixed it! It was MSI Afterburner software running while playing. Applying settings and shutting it down removed the problem. Clearly the problem was between the chair and the headset. :slight_smile: