Pimax 8KX KDMAS availability

Are there any plans to bring back KDMAS version of Pimax 8KX to the stores? All the places I looked at, internet shops in my country, amazon (Europe websites like german one). Everything is out of stock. The only options are “Used:like new” on amazon but there are only 2 units left. There are SMAS ones but “Used: like new” as well. However I was hoping to buy a new one soon. Is Pimax stopping KDMAS and SMAS production all together in favour of DMAS and new 12k/Crystal? If that’s the case then people like me with AMD GPUs won’t be able to use Pimax at all. 2-3 weeks ago one of the pimax official reddit accounts said that they will be back in stock next week but it seems that’s not the case. Is there any information about KDMAS coming back in stock?

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Still, you can buy the vive deluxe audio strap, a pair of 3D printed adapters on etchy, which works very well.

My issue is not necessarily about the sound quality but GPU compatibility. DMAS headset are from revision 2076 which doesn’t support AMD GPUs. KDMAS and SMAS models have revision 2075 or lower and these support AMD GPUs.

@PimaxVR @PimaxQuorra could please provide some information about KDMAS availability? Nvidia still rules the market but there are way more people buying AMD GPUs right now as compared to like 2 years ago. And probably even more to come due to pricing of Nvidia new series. Please don’t cut off all AMD users who want to use your headsets.

I hope you can get a resolution for this from Pimax (that they still sell the KDMAS/2075 S.N. 8KX) but if not have you considered buying a second hand one?

I do consider buying it. The Used: like new on Amazon (because that’s where I would buy it) is directly from pimax. So I suppose it’s from an outlet. Unfortunately outlet ones usually have dead pixels. If the pixel was dead on the very edge of the screen I could deal with that maybe but I’ve already read about people getting dead pixels in the middle of the screen. I really want to use the pimax. I know about setup issues I can face and most of things that I should do for it to work. I should be fine after a little tinkering but things like dead pixels or things in general that ruin the experience and immersion are a no go.

Additionally I still have to wait for my controller to return from RMA. Steam seems to think that they don’t need to hurry when a brand new index kit had a faulty controller. It’s gonna be 3 weeks soon that I don’t have a controller. First 2 weeks I tried all I could to fix the issue myself before I run out of fixes. Without the controller I can’t really test the Pimax that I’m going to buy. There were 7 used KDMAS headsets on Amazon recently, now there are only 2. by the time I get a controller (hopefully a fully working one this time) those headset will sell out.

I really don’t understand why would Pimax abandon the previous revision and AMD users. Especially now when Nvidia will simply lose quite a bit of market to AMD.

i don’t think dead pixels with 8kx’s is a common problem tbh, i’ve had 3 now and none had them, plus i’ve only read about others having them quite rarely.

if it’s from amazon then very easy returns if you find a problem.

about not supporting amd, i don’t think this a choice than pimax wanted to make. why would they so easily cut out such a big proportion of the userbase? i think this is more to do with amd tbh. it’s no coincidence that amd is incompatible with xtal, apara, varjo and pimax etc

I am aware that AMD needs to work on their DSC implementation. However that’s not a reason to literally halt the production of a headset revision that is the only way for AMD users to enjoy a headset with large FOV. The only other option is literally out of reach since the headset costs 3200$. I would gladly buy a 4080 or 3090/3090ti but both are at incredibly inflated prices. Unfortunately only AMD GPUs got a bit more reasonable price wise in Europe (talking about top models because the lower AMD models were already cheaper before). 3090ti is still like way over the 1000$. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen prices ranging from 1200-2000$. And I also read 3090ti has some problems right now with Pimax so it’s a no go. 4080 costs basically the same crazy amount of money. There wasn’t and there isn’t a reasonable alternative. My 6950XT can put out stable 120 fps on my index while having a resolution set to some crazy numbers like 4000x4500 per eye in games I play. It’s totally capable to deliver 90 fps in pimax even on large FOV. And in more demanding games that crush any card I can always use FSR.

I’m just really disappointed to see that Pimax might drop AMD support completely. AMD cards are totally fine performance wise for VR and I even read that KDMAS revision was often working better at 90Hz than Nvidia. Having 2 revisions where one is working for AMD and the other for Nvidia shouldn’t hurt them that much. I was really pumped to buy 8KX and experience the large FOV and clarity. It seems that I won’t be able to after all. I can’t afford to change my GPU for a while. Especially as expensive one as Nvidia.

i do understand. it’s not an ideal situation. i hope you can find a solution soon.

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Is unavailability of the old, compatible scaler reason enough?

Sorry. I don’t understand what you meant here. Pimax has a lot of different hardware models. They halted production of some old ones but having 5K super, 8KX KDMAS and 8KX DMAS is really not that many. Not only that this line up satisfies all consumer ranges. From people with mid range GPUs that can buy 5K super to people with high end AMD GPUs buying 8KX KDMAS, to people with highe end Nvidia GPUs buying DMAS version. Soon additionally for people with absolute monster PCs the absolute top end of the market they release 12k. And a flexible Crystal for those without PC but wanting top clarity. With this line up they cover all bases perfectly. If they ditch AMD users by halting KDMAS production they’re going to lose a lot of potential buyers. Especially now that NVIDIA screwed up majorly. 4080s literally don’t sell. Some stores end up with more 4080s than they had at the moment of release because they got additional supply. 4090 is being bought either by people who use it for work or absolute 0.00001% of gamers. If Pimax ditches AMD support now it’s really not going to help them. And Pimax could be a headset with way more users. They have huge potential.

The old HMD has installed hardware that is 4 years old (75Hz Stuff). If it is no longer available, only the new one remains. And since backwards compatibility doesn’t seem to be so good.

It’s definitely not wanted. Check out the market. Entire industries stand still because no ICs are available.

Well, on the AMD thing… Regardless of whether AMD’s DSC implementation improves; With the p12k apparently being quite a-ways away, maybe Pimax’s chipset provider will offer them an option that does displayport 2, in good time before the headsets come closer to going into production… That should do it for the newest AMD cards, at least. :7

Reports of the Crystal, and Portal roadshow demonstration units being fitted with fresnel lenses, do not exactly make one feel there is any hurry anywhere… :7


You might need to reach out our store livechat support.
They will provide pre-sale consultation before you place the order.

The 8KX DMAS version is available on the Amazon EU, unfortunately not the KDMAS atm.

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