Pimax 8K X Delivery Dates

Can’t get too detailed about it but it was a change that affects the quality of potential future firmware updates.


Speculating for fun…mmm got to be going beyond 75hz in native mode support!!! :blush:

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Hi Kevin

I really hope this includes fixing the tracking issues with the Index controllers. It would be really bad to have the Flagship HMD of Pimax to have these issues


What tracking issues are you talking about? I have been playing with the Index controllers and my 8KX exclusively and have seen no issues with any tracking of the controllers or headset? Here I played for over an hour on a live stream and it never had a hiccup! https://youtu.be/YTbP2qsX8EA


Same. I played for 2.5 hours and did not experience even one hitch. After hearing this I asked a lot of people about it and only 1 said it happened to them but they fixed it by switching usb ports.

For the record I did add the inquiry to our main internal tech support chat for full discussion to see if there are a lot of reports of this.


Guess there numbers are not accurate as there is an entire thread filled with users and @Alex.liu is discussing things with Team and Valve.


Started in these threads.

Index Controller looses Tracking


Why Pimax Has some controller Compatibility issues


Its funny how Pimax still refuses to acknowledge multiple threads with hundreds of replies like its some sort anomaly effecting only 1 or 2 people. There is obviously something wrong with Index controller compatibility. To not acknowledge that is just pure dishonesty.

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The easiest way to reproduce it for me is to e.g. play Eleven Table Tennis. Every few minutes the bat is hanging in mid air for a few seconds. Then it goes on. No tracking problems with the headset itself. Using a 5k+ with current PiTool and firmware.


I have that game, I’ll try it! Thank you. By the way I should mention Valve did request we arrange for an extra headset to use for testing and max compatibility which we provided.


I think it is just a communication issue as @Alex.liu has already acknowledged the issue. Just for some reason it’s not in that particular “internal tech support chat”


My Index controllers have always worked well. But one will start to hitch and stick in space if it isn’t charged up, before it gives a low charge warning. Charging it seems to fix it.


I think this thread took a different turn. I would suggest posting Hardware issues in a different thread so the devs can see the problems and try to fix it.


Hi @vrgamerdude @PimaxUSA

That sounds promising, but the tracking issues I mentioned are being catalogged here in this thread.

The reason I wrote the previous is to help Pimax along the way, as to not release a flagship HMD with potential issues.

look at this post as well please.


You have no idea how many times threads have been hijacked on this forum to talk about completely different things. I had a thread that went from 8K X shipping talk to like 30+ posts in a row talking about DMAS floating ears versus touching ears.

If someone wants to talk about something unrelated to the topic, they should just make a new thread. It keeps things organized. I subscribed to notifications on this thread for a specific purpose: 8K X shipping.

Edit: I made a thread about it


I agree. Because people go into the thread trying to get info about 8K X shipping dates and such, and read 20 comments about Index controller issues instead.

Someone should try to organize this kind of thing if possible


That thread you created was about the update released and involved slipping in the change. So it was on topic. I suggest next time have it clear in your op statement your discussion only revolves around the 8kX and not other update items.

The thread was only called Update dd/mm/2020 discusion.

Ops are responsible for their threads as per community guidelines.

My Bad it was @Djonko thread. Which labeled updated discussion. His question revolved the facr there was no 8kX update. But never deemed it derailed as it was an update discussion.

Weekly Update 15/04/2020 discussion

Well so far (to get back on topic), we haven’t gotten any concrete dates except things are NOW back on schedule (supposedly from the sound of this week’s latest update), and there should be no more delays going forward, although we are already past the original ship date of the 8K X, and have no clue when the actual date of shipping will start.

Hopefully someone knows when the real shipping date will be? or when it’ll be announced?


Based on PimaxUSA’s reply in the other thread

It appears he is implying that if they’re going into mass production in May, then the headsets should be available to ship that month. But based on Pimax’s history I’m not bringing my hopes up too much. We’ll have to wait and see what they say at the big event.


I understand that people want to know when their hardware will arrive. I’d love to know when I can expect to receive my 8KX.

However, Pimax has been consistently overoptimistic regarding their dates. At this point, no date they mention is credible and personally, I’m OK with that, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered anything else from them. I’d much rather wait for a better headset, than receive one with problems.

I’m simply going to wait (impatiently) and assume that my 8KX will arrive one day and that it will be even better than my 8K. I won’t fret about improbable delays and questionable shipping practices. Also, we’re in the middle of a pandemic: Shipping anything, anywhere, by any shipping service is bound to have unexpected delays.

I recommend a positive, laid back attitude and trust that you will eventually get your headset.
Complaining or fretting about shipments won’t do anything but raise your blood pressure. As Sebastian might say: It’s time for an adult beverage. :beers: That would be just as effective (not!) and lighten your mood.