Pimax 8K X Delivery Dates

Hi everyone!
Long time it’s been since I’ve been active on the forums, but I’ve been following along.
I’ve had my 8k x order in and i know everyone else is thinking the same thing

I just got another update for this week, but it just said more testing and then shipment, but the 8K X was supposed to go out this week to the first batch of people as far as I understand

Why hasn’t there been an updated schedule explaining when the expected date of shipment will be? Obviously it’s delayed - but how long? Can we get some straight answers on this?


It’s a good question that may not receive a straight answer unfortunately.


Maybe we can get some solid information from online event scheduled next month.

Always new information, no real deals.


Even the “online event” doesn’t have a date, and assuming next month is the day for the “announcements” - that would mean its probably getting pushed back to end of may or June from what its looking like.

I dont understand why the dates given have to be changed 3, 4, 5 times and people have to wait until the shipping date passes to find out AFTER the fact, that it’s delayed longer.


Yes just like previous Pimax days. Actually I have no idea what is different with them and why calling it just ‘online event’.

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It sounds like there have been some additional problems identified and we must wait for the revisions to be tested and certified. I’m getting impatient too, but I’d rather wait for a good headset, than receive a problematic one, only to hear that Pimax will be shipping a new and improved model in a few months.

There was something very interesting in the announcement. Let’s not get over-excited, since my interpretation may not be accurate, but to me…

“we have now proceeded to testing and certifying the lens module samples.”

…sounds like the lenses may have been improved. Otherwise, why would they need to be recertified (since those modules have been shipping for over a year)? Another possibility might be that the lenses are the same, but the IPD adjustment range has been increased. Either of those possibilities would be good news! :slight_smile:


Let’s just not get excited…


Honestly, it really just sounded like fluff and another way to stall for more time from the community to me.


Which is why I said that we shouldn’t get over-excited. I do hope Pimax has made some improvements which are actually noticeable.


We’ll have to wait and see. Coming Soon™


It suggests ti me that the 8k+ might be due a Lens module upgrade as PimaxUSA said no new lenses. So if the no new lenses likely just a buffer.

Likely calling it an Online event as Marcin and Kevin will not be able to meetup and film. I can imagine the technical difficultues could lead to delays.


Technical difficulties exist when we are at work :wink: from home with our own equipment everything just works :smile::+1:
No restrictions, no you can’t do that, no corona worries, just collaborate and get things done :slight_smile:

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I’d say just publish an update. That way ppl can skip the filler and just read what is needed without unneeded trying ti gloss over details.

@pimaxvr @pimaxquorra @konger should consider emailing a survey to see if folks want Pimax Day 3 video online event or just a proper posted update with details.

Myself? Only online event I would be interested in would be a follow up Interview between Robin and @mixedrealityTV.


I ABSOLUTELY agree with this

The last time that Marcin and Kevin did the online video with 100 different pieces of information, it all got mixed up, people got confused and all of the information needed to be clarified and posted on the forums anyway

A PROPER LIST OF ALL THE INFO needs to he written online FIRST, and they can maybe do a Youtube Video AMA “Ask Me Anything” with the community and people can ask them questions about what pimax posted on their website maybe.


THIS!!! The last event was just horrible, so many questions arised, so many uncertainties… And why do it anyway? Just think about the info you want to give us, make a good summary, read it over and over again, see if you can make it even better and then publish it. Much better for everybody.


Pimax called, they said stop making sense.


Honestly Pimax are making enough nonsense and arent making enough (sword) non sense (controllers) for everyone.

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I have noticed each time they put out this info, it talks about all the progress they’re making, but it always leaves the definitive answers hanging, like WHEN IS EVERYTHING SHIPPING OUT?

If they plan on doing this video again, they either have to get it perfectly right and answer all the questions clearly, or don’t do it at all and just post the information on the forums.