Pimax 8K X Dead on Arrival (Now Working, Required Firmware Flash)

Majority of Youtube Channels that have reviewed the Pimax Hmds did not receive a review Sample.

As for Standards you presume a lot. I have used 10+ different hmds. While not 20+ as some of our user base whom have evaluated Deepoon, 3glasses, AntVR, GearVR and Niko(? Android VR AiO) and many more when VR was in an Infant state.

Even Marick of VRgineers was impressed along with Lucky Palmer.

There are even users here whom have evaluated Xtal, Varjo, StarVR and still use there pimax hmds.

Now add professional VR publications and they don’t seem to share your opinion. RoadtoVR, Tom’s Hardware, Skarred Ghost, VRSpies and the list goes on.


Click on your profile in the right. In the Star Tab there is a link for Table of Content Wiki with helpful links to topics for a variety of fixes.

There is also a category called Guide Repository Guide Repository . The Wiki has a lot of Troubleshooting topics.

Well I personally wouldn’t call anything from them “world class” but I will say I do find it very impressive that they are willing to go that extra mile as very few do that. So kudos to them for that.

I love how you highlight the word “opinion” which COMPLETELY negates everything you just said - as those are all opinions. See, that’s called an ad populum fallacy, just because a billion people have an opinion on something it does not make that opinion fact. I’m glad you’re happy with your headset and purchase, I know it’s hard to hear others who disagree with your decision and think your choice as the wrong one. I understand wanting to - and some needing to justify that. If you’re happy with your headset then AWESOME - my experience has been about as bad as it could have been.

So just as you said those are your and other’s opinions and I don’t give a crap about that, that’s why I bought my OWN headset so I could form my OWN opinion. Remember, opinions are like that part at the end of your torso, everyone has one and crap comes out of a lot of them.

Again MANY thanks to those who chimed in with ideas and suggestions for help, your time is VERY appreciated.


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Road To VR and Folks luke Doc_Ok give “professional” opinions based on there field of study.

So that being said you could say any “Technical” review on anything is just opinions regardless of Content.


Any review done by a 3rdparty may not reflect the pov of anyone other than the reviewer professional or not.

And that would be your and their opinions - as I too have a professional opinion on this as I work in the industry. While an educated opinion may be more valid than any other an opinion is just that, an opinion. Subjective. i.e. NOT fact.

So again I’m very glad you’re happy with your headset - I am absolutely not. You know what, I bet if we had beers we’d find DOZENS of things we differ on and you know what, that’s okay. You should need me or anyone else to like what you like to justify you liking (not that I’m sure you’re doing that, I can’t know your thoughts) - so again if you think it’s better than food and sex that’s fantastic, I wish I did as that would be awesome.

And with that I’m done with the thread, unless someone has a question for me or I can help them in some way.


oh its true, thats my situation. but its not all a bed of roses. i haven’t worked since i had bad health several years ago, thats why i’m doing the BSc now, to try to help me get back into work. my bad health was my mental health…back in the day i had a high paying job and wasn’t used to the salary or the pressure, it all went to my head, to cope i partied like crazy and eventually went crazy, ended up in a psych ward for 2 months involuntary. i’m on meds now and 100% better.

i do think a pimax tech support person would out do me on supporting pimax products, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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Well just to clarify you must have meant you had a 5k+ and a 5kXR as the 5k shown in early Kickstarter never released.

Technical reviews are based on Technical aspects. Ie a technical review of a picture for color accuracy vs a subjective review where often ppl choose the one that more appeals to them.

Correct, just a typo

I had the same problem The 299 firmware seems to be the issue Installed 296 and it works just fine Next day Pitool automatic updated to 299 again

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Tech support told me to install firmware version 296 then uninstall pitools soon as it said firmware complete. Then install pitools version 296. As anything past that version adopts the 90hz mode and upsets lots of gfx cards. Again firmware problems. On firmware 299 my headset blinks and the brightness goes up and down. Or sometimes crazy snow on one eye and clean as day on the other… ill let you guys know how it turns out tonight… firmware number 39 cumming up
P.s. hmd 2 days old

HMD 2 days old, just flashed m2001 firmware, as sent by the support. It either freezes my OS, if with HMD connected I launch Pitool (using 275), or will start crashing explorer in a loop (connecting HMD to a running Pitool).
I wish this would “just work”.
The rest is a 12900k, Asus Z690-F, RTX 3090.

So… you’re not alone, and I’m engaging Pimax support on this. Shame they are so many timezones away, and then even if I stay up late, they won’t engage in direct communication.

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It seems to have started working.
I am sadly on the “new device”, can’t access full resolution, or lower refresh rate.

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