Pimax 8K SuperSampling

@mixedrealityTV, @SweViver

Regardless of FPS at this point, could you guys make a comparison with the 5K+ while pushing SS (both pitool and Steam) of the 8K at maximum?

Just to see the potential of the 8K regarding image quality even if not playable at the moment.

Something like this but with different SS values:


I will try and do this with my Pimax 4K tonight too. I only have a iPhone so I hope that will work out ok

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You mean the 4k has the same clarity issues than the 8K?

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@mixedrealityTV @SweViver I would be interested about this as well. I would love to see comparison between 5k+ and 8k when you push SS to the max.


There is no comparison so that’s hard to say. All I can say is I have no issues with the, also upscaled, Pimax 4K. It does not look bad at all.


Would be great to see that comparison. And also if, and if yes, what it takes to get the 8k to the same sharpness as the 5k. For me it’s almost impossible to decide right now which to take. I don’t care if i can not run the 8k on superb quality with actual hardware @ high fps. But i would like to know, if the 8k can surpass the 5k+ witch decent hardware power in terms of picture Quality later.


Yes, but the question is when later.

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Yepp, three questions would be interesting to get answered (optimally with photos)
a) how much supersampling does the 8k need until the details are on the same level as the 5k+ without supersampling?
b) how would the 5k+ look when applying the same supersampling that we applied to the 8k in step a?
c) how would 5k+ and 8k look with absurd levels of supersampling (e.g. 16x), so how do both scale?


Yes, we all need confirmation that 8K has potential.

That it can be the same in picture quality with 5K+, but with a smaller SDE-effect.
To do this, you just need to make the same shots, but at the maximum resolution, and let it be 2-5FPS, but we’ll get at least a confirmation of better quality 8K than 5K +

Otherwise, there really is no point in supporting 8K. After all, almost everywhere 5K + looks better 8K at the moment.

Just need to make a comparison with the maximum SS, it’s easy.
I await very much from the reviewers this comparison. This will put an end to the choice between 5K and 8K.

Either 8K will be able to show us an image no worse than 5K +, or I turn to 5K +.

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The thing is as we know now Pimax doesn’t believe in communication…

They turned what looked like a total disaster into what looks like a pretty good headset without telling us much and while people were selling their pledge and crying all over the forum.

So I still believe we could see Brainwarp released at some point.


The potenial is there. We would need a qhd lcd headset to compare the 4k with.

Also posted some hellblade through the lens pics on the 4k.

I have a p4k and my result of the combine of the steam VR and piplay rendering is 1,5.
For example Steam VR at 100% and piplay at 1,5 or Steam VR at 50% and piplay at 3.0
The result is always 1,5 that is 1440p (input) x 1,5 = 2160 ( panel resolution).
The 8k is the same, the default piplay value is 1,5 because is not native. ( for the 8kx will be 1,0 native )
All the test of visibility, sharpness but not performance should be made with different values of rendering for 5k+ and 8k.
Probably the 2080ti that is 1,5 times more powerful than a 1080ti is the perfect GPU for the 8k.
I prefer the 8k, i’ve just paid it and my upgrade this year or early 2019 is the 2080ti


I’ve already addressed all of this here: http://community.openmr.ai/t/dear-reviewers-i-still-have-some-questions/8286


I also put up some Pimax 4K reference pics

/edit: I stand corrected. My mistake.

I will do so later this week I think!


Pimax 4K is LCD, not OLED.


No the 4k is lcd. I said we need an lcd qhd headset to compare the 4k’s scaling quality. The Pimax BE is qhd oled pentile.

The Lenovo explorer wmr headset might be good to compare visual quality.

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Looks like SS is not going to help.

Do you guys know some VR games with an option to sharpen the image? If I remember correctly Lone echo has one.

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Try SportsBar (formerly titled Pool Nation), if you have it.

EDIT: VorpX also has a sharpening post filter.

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