Pimax 8K SDK Questions

Hello. I’m a developer working on a game engine and have a few questions about the SDK, more specifically, the 8K version’s SDK. I currently have the 4K edition and am planning on buying the 8K when it comes out. Will the SDK have direct-to-display features, ideally with support for DirectX 12? Also, what programming language will it be written in? Will it have COM (Component object model) support?

I’m writing my engine mainly in D, and am hoping for plain-C headers or a COM interface so I can write D bindings for it.

Why would you want the COM interface ? It’s horribly slow and it’s a very narrow pathway, I don’t think it’s suited for VR where latency is of importance.

Their current API works via a TCP/IP port. The supplied DLL has code that communicates with the pimax service: the pimax service opens a TCP/IP port and the DLL connects to it. The pimax service of course is connected to the headset. So whenever your program calls a function in the API, the DLL sends a command to the service via that TCP/IP port, service to the headset via USB etc etc etc

I think this is THE best way to use it, fastest and lowest latency so I think Pimax did it right like this.

Hm. I didn’t look into the speed/latency of COM interfaces whatsoever, my apologies o.o I merely was considering it based on D’s compatibility with it combined with its use in DirectX and the like.