Pimax 8k production schedule and 90 hz

Continuing the discussion on the production schedule…

This is a tipycal production schedule

July 2018 First industrial prototype
November 2018 Second industrial prototype (i.e. near final product)
December 2018 Tooling, molding and assembly lines
January 2019 Pre productions
March 2019 Mass production starts
May 2019 Delivery

I think we are at july 2018
Because this is another product every step after M1 (here is July) could go faster
But a lot depends on the target Pimax has. Who Knows!!!

“m1/m2 is just a name, the plan is always to start shipping when the team members are satisfied internally and testers give the greenlight as well.”

What ?
I try to explain now what i mean:
After V5 at CES Pimax strategy is changed for the better. I count 5 months Gen,feb,mar,apr,may to make M1
Pimax told us they have spent much money for new lens and this sounds promising.
The only issue in the speech is that M1 is a prototype. It’s not the final product
Question. After M1, has Pimax the budget to make a 90hz headset ?
xunshu listen carefully:

  1. if Pimax cut 90 hz all reviewers worsen the judgments of Pimax 8K.
    YOU HAVE SEEN WHAT MEANS TO HAVE A BAD REVIEW. Do not make this error again.
  2. If Pimax announce the shipment of the headset without having gamepads, lighthouses and other accessories you are a Chinese company. This is very bad to tell for a company.
  3. The right time to make a roadshow is when you have pre-production
  4. For myself if you hurry up and you send to backers a Pimax 8k 80HZ VR headset and then at CES 2019 you have a Pimax 8K 90 Hz i am not glad with Pimax. I will think that my Pimax 8K is a pre-production. You must understand that pimax backers are hi-end gamers.

After M1 I think a PIMAX Production schedule with targets is a good idea
Every backer Could see if there is a delay or not in the project
But a production schedule give substance to the project
so please give a name and targets to " when the team members are satisfied internally and testers give the greenlight as well."

Good Work Pimax Team


@deletedpimaxrep1 you need to take this post seriously, convince your bosses to also take it seriously, and respond thoughtfully and honestly.

A schedule based on reality can repair the damage done by fantasy versions you have been feeding your backers.

Backers receiving a full production model, instead of a prototype, using your backers as guinea pigs, will create an army of evangelists that will be priceless.


@deletedpimaxrep1 I want mine as soon as possible, even if it’s 80 HZ, because that’s what we have now. Q2 is finishing, at least I hope we get the product in Q3.


She can’t tell us everything . Probably her current role is keeping us busy for example by contest like " Give us controler name" or “Vote for 2 extra m1 testers” and so on and We are far away from reciving device in near time…


Of course…this is the plan @Yata_PL

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Honestly, the longer it takes the more impatient I get. Means:

I’d be glad and happy to receive the HMD itself either with 80, better with 90 Hz as soon as possible.
1 lighthouse would be sufficient for me for all the cockpit simulation games or RPG’s I play (Elite Dangerous, Euro/American Truck Simulator, Project Cars, Skyrim, Witcher,…).
For the 2nd lighthouse and the controllers, I could wait for months in a 2nd package - no urgent need for me.

So please - hurry up with the HMD and the first lighthouse itself! It is now 1/2 year since I baked, and originally, it was promised for February. Now, we have May, and first rumors tell about end of this year or even worse.

I really like my 4K; it is such a fun playing ED or ETS2 with it :smiley:
But if I would have known about such a delay for the 8K before, I’d probably better gone for the HTC Vive Pro instead…

I’d even propose:
The actual v5-8K certainly will have 4K-level at least; and considering FOV and Hz, it simply MUST be better than the 4K, already now.
So if you are looking for another euphoric v5-tester, please let me know - I’d really appreciate to try out v5 with ETS2, PC, ED and Skyrim already now :wink: And as I don’t play any controller-based games so far, the HMD and one lighthouse package would be sufficient :wink:

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If this will be true, I will jump off my preorder!
Not because I can’t be patient. But because I feel comforted, feel abandoned and feel deceived! Think about what happens here! This company wanted to have only $ 200,000. You already mentioned delivery periods! Then they got $ 4.2 million only from backers! And then another $ 15 million from any Chinese company. How far would Pimax be if they only got the $ 4.2 million or just the $ 200,000? Despite the many (!) Money, delivery dates have already been postponed three times! Communication within the company does not seem to work. I am in contact with two employees and there the left hand does not seem to know what makes the right hand! Why do not you say “summer” or “Christmas” right away ?! They overestimate themselves, which means that they do not know what they are doing! The end of the song will be that the first consumer version will be much better than the version that the pre-orderers will receive. I can not take a company seriously, that makes promises, and can not keep them again and again, and again! Incidentally, the distributor problem for Europe is still not solved. Count on about 19% import tax for Europe! I have pre-ordered a package for $ 799, plus 50 dollar for shipping (WHO calculated that round price of 50 Dollar for shipping?!). This means that I have to pay extra for about 150 dollars, ONLY so that the customs handed me the package! That makes surely roundabout 1000 Dollar!
Another example: The three free title, which the backers would get for free: What is with them? Why we still can’t choose them from the Pip-Store? WHY NOT? What speaks against? Hm?!

In fact: I don’t trust Pimax anymore! TOO many promises, and still no one is solved until now. Not only one!

PS: If this will come true, I swear, many people will jump off, demand their money back to buy another headset, and then the whole “8k-soap-bubble” will explode, because Pimax is already working with our/your money! If they would need to pay back the money of some people, they would get into big problems and get bancrupt maybe.

Im getting older, by the time my 8k arives i will have to think back and realise oh yeah, i remember buying this!

Seems we are counting in months and years… I honestly forget what VR is like now, its been so long, but was into it when i backed it, i think

There is a word in China:
Entertain imaginary or groundless fears

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there realy is no point in having the 8k without tracking and controllers, i can stick to my 4k in the meantime.
on topic:
what Fabrizio outlies seems realistic, some of the steps shouldnt take a month though, i expect the M2 to go into massproduction end of July and early backers to get deliveries in August, late backers up to 3 month later.(productiontime)
i just hope they dont rush the M1 into massproduction because of all the inpatient people(“aka criebabies”).
the first public release is the one that counts, every little flaw will get blown up to its max and critizised to its fullest. no “this is still a prototype” disclaimer to smooth things over.


Agree completely, it would be wiser to begin the mass market with the included final controllers, even if the headset could be associated with the various items from HTC, and possibly offering the option to buy the individual pieces separately, hopefully better priced than the HTC scams :smiley:

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I’m worried more about fact that they are working and polishing only 8k unit , but there is still no words about more comfortable audio headstrap, eye tracking device, 5k and 8k X units, brainwarp , wireless etc. So its looks that they have very limited resources( engineers) and completed whole kick promises will takes them ages and competitors with almost unlimited budget will take the lead…


Yes, but the significant competitors all seem to be aiming for a mass-market device, like the Oculus Go, and not a high-end enthusiast headset, which is what all the 8K backers want. Regardless of the time it takes for Pimax to ship the 8K, I think they will be first, simply because it’s too small of a market right now (to interest the big companies).

The word here in English is “anxiety”.


There is also something called blind faith.


I will wait and see. They say Q2 is deadline. End Q2 is slightly more than 1 month away. For me it is easy to say, because I don’t have money to lose. If Pimax does deliver as they promise in Q2 and it is like they promise with all the features within a certain consumer affordable pricerange, I am gonna buy me one. Please, please, please be a real thing, Pimax 8K. Please.

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I am confident we will see the first bakers use and review their 8k in the course of the next months, for sure. Yes, I am impatient, too, and yes, I have invested my money, too, believing and hoping I’ll get it by February/March.
Anyway, even if we don’t get all the information we might need, the project moves. More slowly than expected - but it moves. So, my/our money isn’t lost yet. And yes, of course we all want ‘our’ kickstarter project to be the one to succeed in time :wink: But compared to other kickstartes such as Star Citizen, which is a never ending story, I really feel confident, that the 8k will come to a good end. (And just remember: The first Oculus Rift wasn’t finished in time, too!, AND it did become more expensive with its release. So all the bakers here still might be the lucky ones in the end ;))

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the biggest difference is, oculus had never made an item before they made the kickstarter…

Pimax already did…so they will deliver eventually that you should not fear.

I believe they don’t want it to be another 4k pimax with the many issues at launch…and most of them did get fixed eventually. they fixed the drifting, ghosting also was less, and don’t forget its a 300$ hmd…with almost no sde etc

in manyways its further ahead then vive and oculus and in some ways its behind.

i think this time they want to come close to what they promised at launch and not fix it 1 year later.
So they changed lenses etc this had to be tested again etc, new problems might arise etc.

I do believe they are doing a good quality control and it does take long. SO with M1 they send out to some backers and get more feed back. because different people…different eyes/different things that might come up.
Some people are more sensitive to A then C…but if you would it to be tested by the same group, you may only discover issue A in testing phase and C would not even be detected because the people that tested are totally not sensitive to this C/D or whatever problem.

I believe we will get a very decent product and it might be worth the wait. thats what my logic is saying.
They don’t do it on purpose, they do it with a reason to delay, and the reason is not to betray the backers etc.
The reason is they want also make a product that gonna last for a while and make name for themselves.
Theywill learn a lot in this production and if they nail it…i look forward for their next HDM and i’m not talking about 8k X.

because if the new 1000-2000ppi screens are mainstream by 2020-2021 i do count pimax to be one of the first to push the ppi out vs western/corp that like to use crumble tactics and release small upgrades at a time.

Most of us already know flat screens cell phone already exist for at least 2 years…the technology i speak about…yet
there is a reason they don’t release it mainstream…and it has all to do with $$ and milking.

first let the world adopt the720p screens, then the 1080p screens, then the 1440p screens then the 2160p screens
And when those screens (2160p) starttaking too much battery life…time to bring in the flat screens and the new battery etc…thats how this shitty world $$ works :smiley:


I like Cams 86 post. But the point is another.
Yes the method of Pimax asking to select backers if they like M1 is good and perhaps if M1 is OK they could start a mass production of M1. But the chance that all goes not well but very well I think it is very little. That is the truth
Pimax 8K production schedule
May 2018 First industrial prototype or M1
June 2018 M1 Closed beta
August 2018 Final industrial prototype or M2*
September 2018 First batch or pre-producton**
End September 2018 Road Show Pimax 8K, lighthouses 2.0, gamepads and eye tracking
October Mass Production starts
All the backers have Pimax 8k at home before 25/12/2018

  • M2 is 90hz. If Pimax want a 90 hz headset. They Know how
    ** Pre-production units are for roadshow, reviewers. We will ask to backers who buy only the headset if they want a first batch unit. We are giving the chance to some backers to have Pimax 8k as soon as possible.

Naturally I am dreaming.
However I ask to @deletedpimaxrep1 and backers
Do you think Really production units Pimax 8k could come out before Q4 ?
Do you think that a production schedule like this is a bad idea ?
Do you think road to vr write a bad news if pimax tell his business plan and says “The first 8K 200 FOV headset comes in 2018” ?