Pimax 8K: positive effect for motion sensitive VR users?

Hello. Regarding motion sickness, I would like to please consider the most advanced VR HMD (Pimax 8K) vs the most common, yet basic (Gear VR) which I own and which makes me feel ill.

There are two main areas I would like to consider, please add more if I have forgotten any.

1)FOV and motion sickness: (Positive/Negatives of 200 degree FOV)
Some claim Pimax’s 200 degree FOV worsens motion sickness, in motion sensitive people, compared to a more narrow ‘binoculuar effect’ experience such as Gear VR which is around 90-96 degree FOV (depending on cell phone size). This is because they claim with a higher FOV, you see more of the ‘world’ and move movement = more motion = more nausea.

Example: If you’ve ever felt dizzyness/vertigo (outside VR), you will know if you try and watch a sports event video (E.g. lateral movement from a car race/skiing/soccer) on your cell-phone (tiny screen) this will effect your dizzyness far less, than watching a video on a laptop screen, never mind a big 50’’ TV which will induce room spin and make you feel ghastly. So you could argue there is logic in people claiming a wider 200 FOV with Pimax 8K will make you feel more dizzy/sick than with a 50% less FOV (other headsets) in people motion sensitive in VR games.


2)Less SDE, higher refresh rate and ‘immmersion’: (Confidence over 200 FOV)
Others would say that although what I’ve proposed in point 1) above is probably correct, the issues are reduced by Pimax 8K enhanced immersion (significantly less SDE and higher refesth rate (90hz - 180hz using brainwarp) and this would better Gear VR’s paltry refresh rate of just 60hz and it’s more noticable SDE effect also. Combined, Pimax 8K would actually reduce motion sickeness Vs Gear VR, counteracting the fact it has a wider FOV which arguably makes it worse!

Premature or evidence based conclusion?
Pimax 8K 200 FOV experience will be no worse ‘nausea inducing’ than Vive/Oculus and significantly better than Gear VR.

What are your thoughts on this please? Does ‘‘immersion’’ really reduce motion sickness in VR? Or is this all subjective anyway, that one person’s brain ‘feels’ different to the next when experiencing a stimuli, such as movement and in VR, perceived movement?

Please excuse me if I am incorrect. I am not intentionally trying to confuse others or myself, but I am genuinely interested to see what people think and if there really is scope for Pimax 8K leading to reduce motion sickness, in those who are already motion sensitive. To me, that would be a great selling point and
get more people (such as myself who can’t cope with Gear VR) into using a Pimax 8K.

Thank you.

One of my biggest frustrations about VR, is the fact that TELEPORT is a total anticlimax, destroys immersiveness.
Too bad that so many people are so sensitive, this is making 3D games look like modern versions of the old adventures with pre-rendered screens.

Everything static, you just load a new screen to interact. FPS turns into ridiculous shooting galleries by waves, you shoot at targets and switch to the next shooting gallery, everything looks like “Nintendo Wii” games, overly minimalist for my personal taste.

Just complementing my opinion, when I play VR, I want to feel this way:

but I end up with something ridiculous like this:


Motion sickness or VR sickness in this case, is caused by your inner ear balance and equilibrium system not experiencing what your other senses (vision) in this case, is doing. in other words, your eyes perceive motion but your body is stationary. FOV has little to do with it because your body will remain stationary while you just see more motion. The cure is to move so your body senses movement along with your eyes. That is why Roomscale tracking is better. you can move around. Even with roomscale, some get VR sickness when the wrong kind of movement is programmed into the VR experience. The solution here would be for all programs to include a teleport option. most people do not get motion sic using teleport movement. Some of us do not like it because it seems to affect immersion, But if it is an option, then you do not have to use it.