Pimax 8K m2 through the lens 4k recording

Ok its not much but better that nothing


Hmm the bitrate of the video looks low. Hard to tell the real quality.


The YT video hasn’t encoded to 4K. Maybe it will?

This is a 4K youtube video in a virtual desktop environment, so it is downscaled too. It looks nice (and very comparable to a Pimax 4K by the way) but it’s not really saying much besides that.

As a pimax 4K owner myself, I am happy with this video though. Looks very similar to what I am used to in terms of SDE.

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Just watched on my TV. Youtube compression is really bad on the video, but during moments of clarity, it looks like it has the visual quality of a pristine DVD quality 480p. Not bad at all.


Uh no. When the video was recorded it was recorded at a mediocre bitrate. So, unless the video is completely still, it’ll look lower quality.

VRmaniac was the first to post through the lens video of the Pimax 4k way back in 2016. Nice upload . Looks pretty clear to me. Hope Swe double e viver has some good video

hoo. you actually get a really good look at the stretching/distortion on far left of lens here with the straight lines of train etc.

thats also a whopping volume of chromatic aberration over there.

Video has now encoded to 4K. check the cog. Does it make it look better now? Not really.

Next video.

“8K VR Headset from China – BS marketing, very cool experience” - Linus Tech Tips.


Jeeze, that video needs to be buried.


I actually don’t think that video was very bad PR for Pimax

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Looks really nice, specially the deep space part.

I noticed that too :thinking:

It would be great if he returned and did a new video based on the current version.

i actually have no idea how much eye position could reduce that effect , but jesus i hope eye position can reduce that effect. its very hard to believe this would have slipped past berlin if it was visible and this prominent.

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Agreed but you don’t know how close the camera is to the lens


I know that video very well, it’s a video that LG put on YT for demoing their OLED Tv’s , it is 4K/60 encoded in 3D and looks absolutely perfect on my LG Oled Tv, with 3D glasses, silk smooth, so…no, the YT compression is not the bad factor here…

Screen refresh looks absolutely ugly in this 8K test video, I really hope that it doesn’t look the same when viewed directly in the headset.

@Possyguset What do you used to film the video ?

What the hell makes you think Possyguset made this video? It was most likely the Korean Tester

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Yeah it was posted by VrManiac. As far as I know he doesn’t have a M2, but a (much) older version. Then again, it’s possible of course that Pimax recently sent him one.

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i mean i guess they must, why else label it an M2 video in youtube.

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