Pimax 8K Lens protection?

Hi everyone!
I come from an Oculus Rift with (i don’t know how) scratched lenses… i hope my Pimax 8K will arrive as soon as possible, but to prevent this things do you have a protection screen or film to apply on the lens or may you share (one time there will be the final version) the dimension and misures so someone can create them? :wink:
Thank you by now if you help us to protect our just beloved Pimax just before we have it… :slight_smile:


I think you are expected not to scratch them in the first place as a coating might interfere with the optics. Also coating films can scratch just as much as the glass can.

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2 things to keep in mind if new to VR equipment:

Never use lens cleaning solutions on low quality plastic VR lens, as this will ruin these lenses irreparably, making them opaque and worsening the god rays effect.

Also, be careful using any commercial brush for removing the dust inside the headset and from the lens, it will cause very light scratches, use only specific cleaning cloths such as the ones for cleaning reading glasses.

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Consider the vr frames as you could also get a polarized set of lenses if you have concerns of blue light.

Yep, but i can replace them like i do with my smartphone’s screen protection… :wink:

Nope… i’ve problem just with scratches… :slight_smile:

So how would one best clean the lenses?

Damp soapy cloth?

Whats your full technique for cleaning? :slight_smile:

Those phone protectors covers?, they diminish the display by a considerable amount in favor of protecting it. Well mine does.

In seriousness, I doubt that would work for VR where your eyeball is a centimeter from the lens. You would probably see the protector (or dust under it) which if it is anything like my iPhone screen protector would be like looking through a screen door before you see the other screen door :smiley:

if that worked then you would be able to get them for spectacles, DSLR Camera lenses, VR lenses etc, also they would have to be model specific as the lenses have different curvatures to each other.

BUT! not all is lost. As @Heliosurge said, get the spectacle snap-in addon and order clear glass prescription lenses for them. That way you have a protective layer which you can scratch as much as you want then replace it. A good idea for business users actually.

The biggest issue I have with my Rift is that condensation, sweat and eye lashes stick on the lenses (Beat Saber’s fault!) so I microfiber them after each use. It looks like blurry scratches if you leave that to dry,

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There are films you can stick on lenses that stick on via the static charge and can be taken off any time. I forget the name of this product but you can get it in sheets and cut a general shape for your VR lenses if you want to do that.


Interesting but how can you apply a sheet to a convex surface without creating creases. :confused:


“While cleaning the lenses, do not scratch the lenses” o…k…nice tip HTC!! lol


“Do not use 80 grit sandpaper to clean lenses” :smiley:


Not sure would have to have a sheet of the material, a pimax8k and some time to see if it is possible

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Hyperkin makes lens protectors for Vive, they work great. Hopefully they do a version for Pimax lenses too!


Kinda want to revive the topic.

Looking at the 8K lenses I do believe that changing them in case of scratches/damage is not an option, unless somebody can prove me wrong. And looking at their size I am already fear I can scratch them accidentally. If I can install some kind of lens protective film from day one, I would be more than happy.

Tried to google “8K lens protection” but nothing is coming up.

You may want to reach out the these guys on Kickstarter, if they don’t want to add the Pimax 8K.


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Thank you! I’ll keep an eye on them.

Another option is to DIY the film from something like phone screen protector. But IMHO it’ll work only if 8K lenses are some sort flat on the outside and we’ll have a template.