Pimax 8K: How can I see my desktop directly on my screen (s)?

How can I see my Desktop directly on the screen? Is there a way? And don’t say something like GizmoVR Video Player. I don’t want to be in a VR Room where I can see my Desktop. ^^

BigscreenBeta (free)
Vrspace (free)
Virtual Desktop($)
Virtual Toolbox($)

Just to name a couple. Which headset & pre order or backer?


seems like all are the same that I don’t want. :-/

8k and Backer

Then not sure what kind of Program your looking for.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

Like I said: I want the desktop directly on the screen, like I add another monitor to my Graphics card. I heard that there was something like a expanded mode for pimax 4k and that doesn’t work with the 8k.

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True, that technique “doesn’t work with the 8K”. I understand what you want, but it wouldn’t be useful, due to the angled screens.

If the desktop was just displayed on the panels (treating them like flat 2D monitors), you’d have weird distorted double vision. The image needs to be pre-distorted, so that you can see it as a flat image in front of you.


Extended mode is not as Neal said is unavailable. If your looking for this for vorpx. Vorpx now supports Direct mode.


If just the room is the problem, in Bigscreen Beta you can choose “Void” environment which is just empty black I think (never tried it). Then you can turn off the “big screen” and use just the “monitor screen” which you can resize, move back/forward or curve and then switch it to desktop.

But the controls are quite awkward in this application, I would not really suggest it as desktop replacement, more like if you want to display something in VR which you can’t other way - for example I was able to watch 3D photos like this.


Virtual Desktop also has the option to use black as surrounding. I use Virtual Desktop the most, with a nice purple nebula around it


ok. Bigscreen Beta works, but I have this teleportation line now in front of me. How can I remove that?

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Not sure, I think I only get that if I choose to change seat (position), then selecting new seat (position) removes it. But I don’t have motion controllers (only K & M controls). So I would try to teleport and see if it disappears…

Sometimes I get UI element which doesn’t want to hide, could be bug, it is just Beta after all…

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VR Toolbox: 360 Desktop


I also have only Mouse and Keyboard ^^ I get that teleportation thing, when I alt + tab to view my desktop.

Does it have completely black environment (only thing displayed is desktop)?

Also it lists “tracked controllers” as input so probably can’t be used without controllers.

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Yes, there are different environments, including dark backgrounds.
There is mouse and keyboard support, as it is usually on the desktop. Some operations may require controllers.

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I use Steam VR Dash. I have to drop desktop resolution to 1080p for stuff to be readable though.

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