Pimax 8K Eye Tracking-> Foveated Rendering?

I’m not a developer or expert in any way. I am just a VR enthusiast who owns a Vive,

Since the $3M stretch goal was reached, with a promise of an “Eye Tracking Module” (at a later date), this would have far reaching implications for managing more stable framerates if foveated rendering becomes fully operational. Especially when rendering such huge FOVs and resolutions as Pimax 8K does.

I’m not up-to-date on where this tech is at the moment, perhaps someone more knowledgable than me could share.

Do you know: What is the current state of this software solution (foveated rendering)? I know Nvidia has been working hard on this problem, as has probably many other developers and bigger companies.
The last article I found online was this one:


Where would a foveated rendering solution be integrated? In SteamVR f.ex.?


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@Sjef & others can answer best. From my awareness though the Game/program needs to have support for foveate rendering.