Pimax 8k 32BIT DAC "Mod"

Hi Guys,
I just got mysef a new pair of Beyerdynamic Amiron wireless Headphones for my Pimax to replace the Vive DAS speakers. I played with them for a while an was really happy but than I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Audio Module for the Pimax with a better DAC. Welp said and done. I connected the LG B&O Hifi Audio dac I had laying arround via the front Usb to my Pimax and set it as standart audio device in my system settings. To be honest it’s not worlds better but with the internal audio on my Pimax I always had some crackeling noises time after time. After testing it with some Music I can clearly tell a difference when it comes to clearness! The two images at the end show what audio format the Pimax and the LG Hifi Audio dac support.

LG%20High%20End Pimax


you will be in trouble later, thats the place where the wireless module and batteries are supposed to be :wink:

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There are two ports on the headset. Would be interesting to know if an usb-hub works.

I have an even more complicated solution for my magnetostat: an additional 5m cable so that I can connect the headphone amplifier and benefit from the exact spatial representation of my old x-fi sound card.

Similar with My EVGA sound Card NuAudio ( replaces my sound blaster xifi ) and my HeadPhones from senheiser. But the long Cabel provided was enough for now as ther is not much room scale.
But I prefer them over the build in solutions.