Pimax 5k XR DP extension au

Any eBay or Amazon au listings for a comparable extender? I’m looking for 3m/10ft. Every time I look online it’s always expensive or most of the good brands don’t ship to Australia…

Also I’m confused on whether I need it to be a 1.4, as 1.2 seem to be the more common ones around, and I don’t want a lower refreshrate, as the Pimax XR Is low enough as is T.T


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If You were You I would just try a generic one and try it out.

If it’s only 3m it probably works.

I’ve had luck with a DeLock Displayport 1.2 4K 60Hz (5m) cable, but others have also reported cheap(er) generic 1.2 cables working. Try with a cheap “4K” cable first. Chances are it’ll just work at only 3m/80Hz.

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So generally speaking I shouldn’t need to worry too much I guess.

Do you know any brands that work?
I know DeLock and Cable Master generally do so far.
But I’ll give a cheap one a try and see the results, and report back whenever I get it I guess.


More or less, yes, but there’s no guarantee.

I ordered a few of these as they’re also supposed to work (and they’re cheap):

If they’re properly shielded (triple) I think they should work but it’s hard to know without testing.

You might want to check some of the other threads for other known working cables.


This is basically an identical cable to mine. 5m cheap DP extension cable from Amazon. Been working flawlessly since last year.


I also ordered this 3m long ago from Ebay, which Im not even using, but it works as well:


Here’s a thread of interest: